I am delighted to announce some of my most recent collaborations with simply amazing people/brands.


If you’ve never heard of RTH, you need to look them up immediately. Rene Holguin, the genius behind the brand is a creative super-freak.His clothing line, leather goods and other unique items are like non-other. I simply adore him to pieces!! I’m in love everything he and his team creates.

We've collaborated to create an exclusive RTH scent collection, which includes a clothing spray, body oil, body soap, fragrance and perfume roll-on. The original clothing spray I created for RTH was launched at Urban Outfitters Renewal in Williamsburg, New York and Malibu, California, as well other Urban Renewal stores across the country. It was featured in GQ magazine from the get-go, too! Let me just say that anything that Rene chooses to be part of is well thought out. He is a true artist and visionary. He's such a joy to create for and inspires me endlessly. We've since worked on other projects that have yet to be launched, and our Soul Series, and Chakra Spray collections are available in his beautiful store. The RTH scent is one of my favorites and the clothing spray is a must have! Check out their store when visiting Palm Springs.

Product available at RTH or here at Life Aromatherapy.


Oh how I loved creating for this beautiful woman, designer and friend! Joy Smith has created a stunning and otherworldly line of fine jewelry (communionbyjoysmith.com) that is swoon-worthy!! I’m in awe of every piece. She’s a wonderful channel in her artistic creations. It was a treat to collaborate with her and formulate/channel two clearing sprays for her to be used on jewelry, in the atmosphere and ones aura. The ARCHANGEL MICHAEL & MOTHER MARY clearing sprays are truly unique. I find when using them in my readings that they immediate  invite heavenly energy. They are very healing and are recommended as an everyday tool to keep you feeling supported. Products available for purchase here.


The woman of Midland are powerhouses! I am quite impressed with their vision, beautiful stores and the community of women they've fostered. I immediately connected with Kelly Harris and Paige Appel, Midlands owners. Their intention was to create a signature scent as well as two other fragrances that would fall in line with the natural, pure aesthetic of their stores. Using my intuitive abilities I began to tune in to the vibe of their store and integrate the scents they were most drawn to -  the result was the creation of the Midland, Hinterland and Heartland scents. It was a treat to create for these amazing women. Check out their stores if you can. You'll have a hard time leaving without a handful of goodies!  Products available at Midland or for purchase here.



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