Carrie A. Keller

Carrie is a formulator, aromatherapist and the creator of Life Aromatherapy, L.L.C.; a line of essential oil based products, scents, jewelry and inspirational items based in Los Angeles, California. She is also an intuitive channel. She dedicates her life to helping people on their journey through healing, creating awareness and empowerment. She has received a following internationally though her readings, Life Tool Kit™ program, luxury fragrance line and inspirational items.

The Life Aromatherapy product line is more than a line of essential oil based products. Carrie has developed a multifaceted treatment program that includes 1:1 consultations with her personally to assist and empower women and men. Her readings and products are essentials for anyone seeking an elevated and healing experience.

"I believe it is our divine right to have all that we desire - that process starts with discovering our own radiance and increasing our vitality through the use of natural, high-vibrational products -- products that support, rather than harm our bodies. Non-toxic, quality products that naturally make you feel better. The products from the line are extremely effective and carry a love and light energy that people connect to. I channel when I create - it's a beautiful, otherworldly experience for me. I play music and sing and imagine love vibrations reaching each product and person."

Carrie’s first experience with the use of plants began at age 8 when she would pick magnolia flowers where she grew up in Illinois, to make her own “perfume” by pressing the petals in water and letting the infusion sit for weeks. Little did she know that years later, she would formulate her own line of luxury perfumes and all-natural, essential oil based products.

Her fascination with alternative modalities started at age 13 where she began to adopt a holistic lifestyle through diet, exercise and alternative healing methods. Her love of cooking with her grandmother and mother introduced her to the healing effects of herbs, which led to her study of the use of teas, tinctures and essential oils for healing. Her desire to understand her intuitive abilities drove her into the study of metaphysics, philosophy and world religions, yoga and meditation all while completing her B.A. from Arizona State University and Aromatherapy Certification from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. This ultimately led to a merging of her passions with the formulation and launch of the first few Life Aromatherapy products in 2005. Several years later, and after a move from Phoenix, Arizona where she lived for many years, she took a leap to expand the line in 2010 by moving to Santa Monica, California. Carrie has expanded her line to now include over 5o products, perfumes and inspirational items.

With the use of her intuitive abilities, she currently creates evocative scent experiences - capturing the essence and energy of people and places. In 2011 she formulated her first natural scent collection the Archetype Series. Her second scent collection, Soul Series, launched in 2018 and is her attempt to capture landscapes and time periods such as NYC Harlem 1973 and Paris Barbour 1922. As with her other products, the perfumes embody a high-vibe and intention that people connect.

She currently collaborates with other inspiring brands, creating exclusive scents.

“My global vision in creating the line was to help humanity. The name “Life” originated in the thought that in life, we all need a little support. Life products were formulated to bring a little light into the lives of the people they touch. A percentage of each product is donated to organizations that support humanitarian and environmental causes worldwide. My hope is to bring inspiration and joy to all those that I encounter.

–Carrie A. Keller

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