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” Thank you for a wonderful reading yesterday. Pretty much everything that you said during the reading resonated with me and many of these things are true. So, it was a wonderful confirmation that I received during the reading. I would say that among all the channels that I have talked to so far, you […]

Pankaj – India

There are times in life when a little guidance is necessary and welcome. It is in those times we reach for trusted sources of light and love to guide us in our truest and highest sense. We are all partners in this Universe and Carrie is one that is truly of the light delivering the […]

Kristie Yeckel, writer

I am always a bit skeptical about getting readings, but I couldn’t believe how dead on Carrie Keller was about my career, personal life, and emotional life as well! Her intuitive energy is healing and gentle. She has a gift and is willing to take the care and time to explore your needs dealing with […]

Trevor Long, actor

I’ve had a few readings before but Carrie blew me away. She revealed and brought in information that no one else could have known. It was a little scary and delightful at the same time. I highly, highly recommend Carrie for guidance in all areas of your life. She is sensitive, proceeds with integrity and embodies grace.

Mary Bruce, yoga instructor, personal yoga teacher to Sugarland

Carrie’s pure intentions come through in her intuitive sessions. She has a direct connection to Source and I can feel her compassion and warmth in the space that she holds for me during a session. I am very grateful to know Carrie and have her friendship. She lives through love and with the highest integrity […]

Cammi Collier

My reading with Carrie was insightful, she helped me channel my energy and thoughts to where was most beneficial in my life.  I was also able to have a deeper understanding of past circumstances and how they related to the future.  Her reading provided me with the clarity and confidence.

Lindsay Russo

Carrie’s reading gave me insight that has helped my daughter successfully treat health issues that we have been frustrated by for years. Thank you!

Diane Chikos

I’ve enjoyed attending workshops held by Carrie in the past and got a strong sense of her gentle, intuitive nature. Many friends had experienced readings with Carrie and recommended her. I finally made an appointment for both myself and my boyfriend and we really enjoyed the sessions. It is amazing how deeply Carrie was able […]

Mary O’Flaherty

I found my reading with Carrie deeply profound and inspirational. She was able to speak to very specific events and characteristics of those involved. I was very moved by her insight into my relationship with my father, and as a result of the reading was able to start having a more open and caring relationship […]

Anna, Lululemon

Carrie Keller gracefully provided the most positive, uplifting, accurate and helpful reading I’ve ever had done by anyone. She was able to receive so many specific, tiny, little details that were very unique to who I was, it was shocking. I definitely walked out feeling very enlightened after getting to witness her amazing gift firsthand, […]

Tracey Chikos

If you could tap into your innermost feelings with no inhibitions, judgement or fear, life would be more authentic and true. This is where Carrie comes in. My reading was healing, insightful and told me what I knew deep down inside but was struggling to come to the surface. Thanks for helping me on my […]

Lowri Notebart, London

Carrie Keller is the one of the most accurate intuitives that I have ever met. I highly recommend a reading from her. It will be an inspiring, positive, and uplifting experience. Carrie’s beauty, intelligence, and grace create such a calming, comfortable environment. It is easy to open up and feel safe with her.

Elaina Zorensky – Owner, Bikram Yoga Tempe

Two treatments later with the Healing Oil and Ashley’s skin is already improving!  Thank you! He is feeling so much better and I can’t thank you enough for that!

Julie – Arizona

Life Aromatherapy products are the purest products I’ve ever had the pleasure of using in my daily regimen.  Every product is made with care and put into beautiful, brown glass bottles (I LOVE THAT!)  The essential oil blends are like nothing I’ve encounter before.  Each product is highly effective, yet so delicate even the most sensitive of us can […]

Jennifer – Arizona

I LOVE the healing oil! I used it after a microdermabrasion treatment on my face and it really made a difference on the healing time. I will definitely start using it on my clients after treatments.

Kristen – Arizona

I just want to let you know that I bought your Truth chakra and Alluring spray today and I love them! I will definitely be buying more in the future! Thanks for a good high quality spray that isn’t too expensive! I bought the Truth chakra spray yesterday because I had a very sore throat and I was […]

Pamela – Arizona

The products are AWESOME.  I love, love, love them!

Melissa – NY, NY

Dear Carrie, Thank you for advising Lavender Oil treatment for Claire’s ear infection. We placed a cotton ball soaked with oil in her outer ear covered with a warm wash cloth. The fever she had been running for 3 straight days was gone the next morning! It is great to have a natural alternative to […]

Amy – Phoenix, Arizona

Life Aromatherapy products are magnificent. What I love most about the room sprays are that they conceal unpleasant scents made from my cooking. Every time I walk into my place the lingering aroma creates a pleasant experience. The massage oils are such necessities the calming scents revitalize the mind while the oil soothes muscles. My […]

Rebecca – Phoenix, Arizona

My Husband has used Life Aromatherapy Healing Oil on a fungal infection and it is almost gone now. I have used Life Aromatherapy eye cream and I find it soothing, and it takes the puffiness away. I also love the cleansing soap, my face feels less dry after washing with it.

Nancy – Tempe, Arizona

I have the “uplifting” room spray, soap, and massage oil….and it uplifts me! I keep the spray in my car at all times. It’s a wonderful pick me up. I love the soap in the shower too, it’s a great way to start my day. I also like the hair oil. It makes my hair […]

Naomi J – Scottsdale, Arizona

I purchased the healing oil and was surprised to see the effects of it. I used it for an acne scar that I had on my face and was happily amazed to see that the following morning, the scar was not as visible..in one try!!! I have also used it when I have felt congested […]

Amanda M. – Phoenix, Arizona

Absolutely fantastic! The Life Aromatherapy products are of exceptional quality, well-priced and promote a healthy and happy well-being. I have purchased many of the products for my friends and family, and they have all responded well to Life. I would HIGHLY recommend these products!

Karyn – Scottsdale, Arizona

I spend most of my work days in the sun and my skin has received lots of damage over the years. The healing oil from Life Aromatherapy has helped my skin to recover from sun damage and also has decreased the presence of wrinkles. I no longer use unhealthy moisturizers-essential oils from Life Aromatherapy are […]

Andrew – Tempe, Arizona

I’m using the Relaxing bar soap and it is awesome. It smells very nice and yet, isn’t overpowering (doesn’t have that chemical type of smell that would normally give me a headache). Also, it doesn’t leave a residue on your hands like a lot of soaps. It is my first all-natural soap bar and I’m […]

David – North Carolina

The Headache Relief Oil is working better and faster for Mike’s migraines, than “conventional” therapies

Gina – New Mexico




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