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Welcome to Life Aromatherapy


Founded and formulated by Aromatherapist and Intuitive Channel, Carrie A. Keller. Carrie has received a loyal following internationally for her channeled readings and unique product line.

The Life Aromatherapy product line is 100% pure, all-natural, highly concentrated, effective and carries a vibration and healing quality that is unmistakable. Our services include custom perfume formulations along with a full line of ready available scents, luxurious all-natural products, chakra sprays, intuitively guided readings and inspirational items. To learn more about our company and list of service click here.

Life Aromatherapy products were created with the intention of helping people feel empowered, elevated...brighter, from the inside and out. Our goal is to bring healing and light to all that we encounter through our services. We strive to provide quality, non-toxic, effective, products to our customers and support individuals on all levels (emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual).

We hope to be there for you at every phase of your journey through life, creating lasting memories through the vehicle of scent. Live Well. Love Life. Life Aromatherapy.



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