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That’s right. I mean it. You’ve got to check out these recommendations but, before you do, I have something to share…

The last few weeks have been kinda nutty and at the same time, absolutely exciting! My product line, Life Aromatherapy, will be on the shelves of Arizona Whole Foods stores in the next coming weeks. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have this opportunity. I’m a big supporter of their stores. I can literally spend hours in their Whole Body section. Ha! So, it will be nice to now see my products on their shelves. Ahh

With the growth I am experiencing in my business, I find that it is crucial to keep my life balanced. When another area of my life isn’t totally flowing, it effects everything. I’ve learned over the years how to create some healthy boundaries and allocate my energy to things that make me feel good. If I’m not, on a regular basis, meditating, doing yoga, walking, seeking out new music, being creative…I feel it. These things are part of my “routine.” They are critical to my happiness and sanity. Ha! When my energy is pulled towards those things that don’t “uplift” me, well, I pull away. Our time is so valuable…it’s important that we seek out those things and people that bring us the most joy. Well, at least it’s important to me. Ha! So when I’m balanced in my personal life, my business and everything else in my life seems to just “click” into place and the manifestation process seems to work a lot faster. Whew! Did you really need to hear all this today? I hope so! Haha. I think there are times when we don’t even realize all that we are doing in our lives. Sometimes taking a step back and making some time to do something for ourselves is a simple remedy to bring a little more harmony into our day. Whatcha think about that? Hmm?

OK – you have to check this out!

Luci’s Heatlhy Marketplace just opened in Phoenix. If you live in the area, please stop in. They have an amazing selection of gourmet food items, beauty & health items, a delicious coffee and omelette bar; oh, and wifi!! They just started carrying my Chakra Sprays and some of my treatment products. Yippee! They will be starting food demonstrations here soon and also doing a featured meal each day for eat in or take out. Here is their web link: www.lucishealthymarketplace.com

Do you enjoy the outdoors? You have to check out this blog site: www.manvsgear.com . Anyone that is interested in camping, boating, hiking, etc. will benefit from reading the posts. Great information and awesome photos!

Fashionistas?? You gotta get these leg warmers!! www.hautepinkcouture.net They’re sexy and made out of recycled materials. What could be better than that? They’re not just for women, either. Check out the Shortjohns link on the website. I know a few men that could pull these off! Gotta get-em!

Let’s talk music! Have you heard of Monsters of Folk? It’s a collaboration of some super talented musicians. I recently went to their concert at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix. The synergy of energies and talent was a truly something special to be a spectator of. You can take a listen to their recently released Cd here: http://monstersoffolk.com/news/
I’m so in love with M.Ward and Conor Oberst, I can’t stand it!!

That’s it for now. Hope you all had a spooky Halloween!!


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