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Hello friends!
How are we feeling these days? A little lighter, I hope?!
Spring is here! I rejoice in these beautiful days here in Los Angeles. Flowers are blooming, birds are mating...we too, are growing and coming out of our chrysalis.
I hope as you reflect on the past year, that you notice how you've changed. Through the challenges, there have been blessings. Sometimes our greatest challenges become our greatest lessons. Stress, loss, and life transitions can shift us within and create awareness around who we are, what we value and what we need. Growth ain't easy, but if it was, we wouldn't appreciate it. Perhaps without these lessons we wouldn't have the same level of awareness and empathy? I don't know - but I do feel a sense of gratitude for the awareness this year brought.
The days are getting lighter - there is hope and grace here for us now. Let's allow ourselves to be different, changed. Let's be who we really want to be. We are, after all, flowers in the garden of life.
Now is the time to bloom into the unique expression of who we are.
We now have some of our favorite flower remedies available on our website.
What are flower essences? They are healing, vibrational flower energies that have the ability to shift our energy, and clear negative thoughts and emotions.. They are the "essence" of a flower in a highly diluted form, similar to homeopathy. They are gentle, supportive remedies that you can drop in your water or under your tongue. We are working on adding other products that we love - but I wanted you to have access to these first as they are so wonderful and powerful!
I wish we could smell through our computers and phones! The Voyager scent is my pick for spring. It's a delightfully fresh, sexy fragrance with notes of lime, patchouli, black pepper and other enticing essential oils. The energy of this particular fragrance is perfect for this time of year as it has a grounding, yet uplifting effect. Beware - I have numerous stories from clients that wear this particular scent on the regular and have people chasing after them!! To find out what they're wearing of course.
Do you ever see repeated numbers? Or a certain sequence of numbers?
Pay attention! These are messages from your spirit guides and angels.
Often we discount these messages, but they are real. You can look them up online or pick yourself up an angel number book to read the messages.
Lately, I've been seeing 444.
This past Sunday eve we had a series of earthquakes - the biggest occurring at 4:44am (4.0). It jolted many of us out of bed. Want to know what 444 means??? It's a message of love and encouragement -that the guardian angels are nearby and that you are supported, protected. It also means to take specific action or go in a particular direction. Thank you for keeping us safe this night angels. We got the message! And will get to work with taking action!

Sending much love,

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