Ode to Joy

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Sugarplum fairy

A belated welcome to December — the month of sugar plum fairies, sparkly lights and the celebration of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Ramadan.

I’ve delayed in writing this message for a number of reasons; one being time. Ha! The other, well, I had a number of messages I wanted to share with you all. It was difficult to decide. I’ll save the others for next time. 

Here we go!

When I first moved to LA over a year and a half ago, I was not doing so well adjusting being away from the home I knew for 24 years, Arizona. To sort out my emotions; l’d go on walks. I walked 1000 miles, I think in the first few months in LA. Ha! No, really, I did.

One day while on a walk, I saw this little boy from afar that couldn’t have been any older than 2. As I approached he and his nanny, he looked at me and started running towards me! His smile was ear to ear as he ran my direction (it wasn’t THAT far) and when he got to me he wrapped his little arms around my legs and with a big smile looked up at me and said with his little voice “HI!” I was taken back and overwhelmed with joy. No child (that I didn’t personally know—I get lots of hugs from little ones that I know :)) had ever done that to me. I was a total stranger to him, but the way he greeted me that day was as if I was his mom! I felt like he knew or someone above knew that I needed that type of love. I will never forget his face or that day and how he so fearlessly embraced me. I have not seen him since even though I walk my neighborhood every day, but every time I think of that day I smile and feel gratitude for that little angel.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we always greeted each other that way? I may start doing that with some of you. Watch out! Ha! I won’t grab your legs though, that could be dangerous.

This month I ask that you focus on being joy-filled and lifting people up (not literally.Haha).

Sometimes the holidays can get people down and be overwhelming. Let’s all try to focus on supporting each other and enjoying the light this time of year. If you don’t have family and friends to be with, do something that makes you feel good– maybe that’s giving to a stranger or doing something for someone in need. Even jesters like opening doors, buying your co-worker a tea/coffee, bringing someone a flower can bring more light than you know to a person’s day. Life Aromatherapy gifts go far, too (wink wink).
Some of you may not know that Life Aromatherapy gives a percentage to all our profits to organizations like the IRC (http://www.rescue.org/double-your-impact). My intention with formulating my line was to provide effective, all natural products free of harmful chemicals and to support people on all levels…especially those people faced with dire circumstances. Thank you for supporting me and my products. Your support goes further than you know. You are helping others when you purchase my products whether you know it or not. Now, doesn’t that make you feel uplifted?? 

Be like the stars. Brilliant. Full of light. And if someone makes you feel less than you are. Shine your light on them and burn ‘em up. ck

We are more than the roles we play in our lives. We are light-filled beings who sometimes forget to shine our light or forget that we have it at all. This Christmas shine your light on others. Rest and rejuvenate for the New Year. Enjoy this time and set goals for 2012 to be better to yourself and work towards those things that lift you up and make you feel alive. NOW IS THE TIME. I mean it!
I accomplished one of my dreams….Parfum! I’m obsessed with my new line and hope you’ll fall in love,

White Gypsy

The feedback has been wonderful; thank you to all of you that have already purchased a fragrance or two!! We will be doing an “official” launch this spring so look for us in stores and magazines, soon! In the meantime, I can assist with intuitively choosing a fragrance for you (yes, I can actually do this. ha!) or I am happy to create a custom formula for you. The perfumes will soon be available on our Life Aromatherapy website, but not for a little while. So, email me directly at: lifearomatherapy@yahoo.com for interest suggestions. Store locations will be posted on our website, soon.

One last thing: Music!!!

I have to admit that my music scouting has taken a back seat to the perfumes lately, but here are some holiday favorites that I hope you will enjoy. The John Denver is for my Papa.  The others for me (and you).

I am sending all the stars in the sky to you all to LIGHT YOU UP and fill your hearts with holiday cheer.

Love to you all. Happy Holidays and may the new year bring all your dreams to fruition.


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