Pledge of Love

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The gypsies travel the earth — loving, dancing, singing and sometimes suffering, for the sake of love. Their hearts are strong for they have traveled far and experienced the light and darkness in life. They have saved lives and have been saved. They have faced fears and haven’t withered away. Heart of a Gypsy. My pledge. My new line you will soon find, will embody the essence of these qualities. For once a gypsy has loved deeply and dissolved all illusions and suffering, joy & light and freedom remain…and a gypsy begins to love, dance & sing, yet again. ck

Heart of a Gypsy™

In honor of love, I would like to dedicate this poem to my parents who today, August 15, have celebrated a life of 56 years together in marriage (62 years if you include their time before marriage). To this day, they embody all the goodness of what love & commitment is all about. I am grateful every day for their influence and example in my life.

The Most Alive Moment

The most living moment comes when
those who love each other meet each
other’s eyes and in what flows between them then.
To see your face in a crowd of others, or alone on a frightening street, I weep for that.
Our tears improve the earth. The time you
scolded me, your gratitude, your laughing,
always your qualities increase the soul.
Seeing you is a wine that does not muddle or numb.
We sit inside the cypress shadow
where amazement and clear thought
twine their slow growth into us.









May we all be blessed with an abundance of love that heals all and elevates us to do what seems impossible.

With all my gypsy heart,


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