And the sky opened up...

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I realize it’s been awhile, so this one’s a long one:)

john lennon

I saw the most beautiful thing the other day on my walk. A little pocket of light on a gloomy day in Santa Monica. I had to share it with you all. Take a peek:

My walks are always meditative and therapeutic. I love being in nature, walking for miles, sometimes listening to music. That day I remember I was walking a quarter-mile or so before I decided to look up. And what did I see??? Light. A gorgeous pocket of light!

Seeing nature and it’s magnificence always keeps things in perspective for me. When I saw the light shining down on the ocean, I was overwhelmed with emotion…and gratitude.

I was grateful for all the beauty around me and for these special moments in nature when something so beautiful takes your breath away. I am constantly reminded in nature and in interactions with people, just how lucky I am to be here experiencing life.

When I looked at the sky, I saw something similar to what I see in children, in people, in art, in music…in most everything that is “uplifting” and is “joy-filled.” We all have the same light. It’s our willingness to shine it that allows others to see it.

I made a choice with my work, my line, all that I do, to shine my light. Remembering this, even on my “off” days, helps me get through. I chose this path (or it chose me:)). I choose to see the light in everyone…no matter how much people try to hide it:) Maybe if we all choose to see the good and light in others, we can all, as John Lennon sang “live as one.” Are you gagging right now??? Haha!

On another note….;)

Alight. I need to confess something. I seriously want to be Larry David. Well, maybe not “BE” him but perhaps work with him. Ha! More times than I can count, I find myself in mid-conversation with someone, pretending that I am in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm!!

larry david

I am always present when interacting with others, but I have to admit at times, in my mind, I am creating a Larry David scenario…thinking of what I would say if I was him, picturing the other persons reaction, silently cracking myself up.

I was thinking about why I like him; I think it’s his blatant honesty (at times). He doesn’t let other people get away with much and he says what other people are afraid to say. Now granted, he is also completely neurotic, dramatic and self-consumed, BUT, he still makes me laugh:)

My friend recently told me a story that should absolutely be a new skit for him. I can see him doing this! Here’s the story:

My friend bought a watermelon at a Costco. She went home, was excited to eat this delicious watermelon, sliced it open, took a bite and was totally disappointed. It was tasteless. Juicy, but absolutely tasteless. Now most people in a similar situation might be disappointed, but decide to do something else with the watermelon, or just toss it altogether (yes, many of us would do this!), but she decided to take it back to Costco. To Costco!!

Anyone who has ever been to this store knows that a trip to Costco can be fun and uh…not so fun. Upon arrival to one of their stores you are faced with a parking maze, long lines (especially the return lines), and lots and lots of people! A trip to Costco can require a bit of patience. It is also a very exciting adventure for some….right Papa??

My friend said that she was “fed up” with just “accepting” things. I realize the trip back to Costco stood for something more and so, as I was crying with laughter listening to her story, inside I was proud of her for having the guts to do it…to stand up for herself. She had the guts to return the sorry watermelon! She was willing to stand in line with a huge watermelon in her hands (those things are heavy) and she didn’t care who saw her (well, maybe a little…she did say she looked over her shoulder a couple times and prayed that no one she knew would see her), but she did it!!! She returned a watermelon that she didn’t like! To COSTCO!!! I am proud of you sister!! Haha.Sometimes we all gotta take a stand. Maybe that is the real reason that I like Larry (and my friend). He’s not afraid to speak up (sometimes when he’s gotten in trouble he’s pretty silent, though:)) and neither was my friend. Sometimes when we are ready to speak up, our actions and words might be more overt, but in time, we learn to fine tune them:)

hide and seek 1

I’m all about speaking your truth, taking a stand…just be gentle when you do it. We might be ready and have the courage to do it, but not everyone might be ready to hear it, therefore, practice in “delivery” might be helpful:) BUT, I do believe when we speak our truth it helps everyone, ultimately. Don’t be afraid. I’ve got your back;)

Hmm…what next?? Oh you know what’s next!!!

Favorite band today is: Thao. Take a listen here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdGdY-EooR8&feature=related

Yes! They are playing in a bathroom! I’m gonna knock on my bathroom shower gel and create a fabulous tune, too;) Take a look at her wrist before they play. I think she is wearing my manifestation beads!!! Oh, also, I have a little crush on the scruffy guitarist…just sayin’.


That is all for now. Return those WATERMELONS! Take a stand. Be a Larry! JUST DO IT!


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