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Welcome March! Welcome spring!

Living in California, I feel that I’m spoiled. The weather is pretty amazing most days. It seems it is always spring here. Ha! But the energy in March is always different regardless of the weather, and I am super excited about THAT!

This is the month of dreams coming true. I feel it more than ever. Last month I noticed tremendous shifts with clients, friends and personally. All perhaps not totally comfortable, but absolutely necessary. You see, sometimes things need to be shaken up, moved out to elevate us to a higher level of experience in life. Sometime the old needs to make way for the new. THAT’s what I’m feeling this month. It will be a magical month.

If you’ve ever done affirmation work, now is the time to really BRING IT ON! Things are literally blooming, so actions, intentions and thoughts will put into motion a new cycle of energy for many. If you’ve never heard of affirmations, it’s basically in a nut shell “acting as if” in a positive sense. For example, if your mind set is to believe that nothing is ever going to happen for you, well, it probably won’t. If you use an affirmative voice whether you believe it or not, it will shift the energy within and without and you will attract better, more supportive circumstances. “I create the life I want now. My dreams are coming true every day.” See what I mean?  Whhhhallla!

So often people don’t believe that they deserve all the good in life. Our upbringings can have a tremendous impact on how we view life and respond to our circumstances. You may be doing well in your career, but suffer in relationships due to fears and patterns that have been there long before you entered the relationship. Or you may have loving, supportive relationships but are challenged with work, expression, etc. Maybe there is an underlying belief that you don’t deserve to be successful. That your art isn’t a “real job” and won’t make you money (maybe a thought from a parent and not your voice/thought). We all have “stuff” and things to move through no matter how wonderful our upbringing and life experience. It’s how we choose to grow through our fears and patterns that matters. I feel that using affirmations is a good starting tool (a little therapy can’t help, either. haha. — I mean it!).
Now let’s go back to talking about dreams coming true…hee hee.

Fred Segal is currently reviewing our fragrance line!! I am trilled about this opportunity (talk about MAGIC)!!! I typically don’t talk about things until they happen, but I feel sharing this opportunity will attract the support I need to make it happen. Send good thoughts! Now that I’m a Santa Monica local, it would be a dream to launch Parfum by Life Aromatherapy at this landmark store. The creative “vibe” alone from this store inspires me and I want nothing more than to be a part of what they are doing. I’ll keep you posted as to what happens!!

Here are a few other things besides Fred Segal that I’m obsessed with. Music! I’ve discovered some new artists that I’ll share perhaps next month or in my Facebook “Music, Thought and Product in the moment,” but for now, these artists represent the energy of this month. Real. Inspired. Raw. Uplifted (!!) energy.

As always, thank you for your support. This month I am offering 15% off my readings. I feel that this month hold powerful manifestation energy and I want to support you all in clearing out anything that is no longer serving you so that you can make way for the new uplifted energy. Email me at carrie@fairygirlbliss.com to schedule. Just mention that you read about the discount on the blog.

Sending so much love to you all. Let’s shake things up this month and make things happen. You know I have your back!


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