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The dictionary defines it as this:Steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

I prefer the following definition:

Continuance in a state of grace to the end.

To be this way, to demonstrate grace in the midst of obstacles, difficulties and discouragement takes more strength than you know.
Often, when faced with challenges, I try to embody grace. I try to see the light in the situation, the higher purpose and move through it. This doesn’t mean that in the moment I am not emotional. Nor does it mean that I’m composed or perfect. I cry. I get overwhelmed. These emotions though, are fleeting. That is the beauty of grace. Grace is kind. It is unconditional love in action. It is acceptance, surrender, love and compassion all wrapped into one beautiful word.

Full of grace. Yes, some days I am.

“Graceful” – ummmm…not so much. I run into things all the time. Haha!

Lately, I feel that I’ve been faced with challenges that are not severe, yet evoke something deep in me and create an awareness of what I value more than ever. I feel that many people in my life are experiencing the same struggles. The feeling of discontent is lingering around and we are faced with looking at “what needs to change? What is fulfilling, purposeful to me? How do I get there?”

Through grace we find the answers. We must have compassion and gratitude for our circumstances and trust that our inner knowing will guide us and bring us closer to what makes us all most fulfilled. Sometimes we have to wade in the void and trust that when we need the solution, it will come to us at the perfect moment. Perseverance in many ways is resistance…pushing through even when we don’t know the way or have the answers. Not always the best solution. Grace on the other hand is surrendering, allowing; and it involves a little (or a lot) of faith and trust.

My wish for you this month is for you to hold on tightly to what you want. Persevere, but be graceful through the process. Sometimes the presence of discontent is there for a purpose. Support beyond our waking consciousness might be manifesting to help us. Timing IS everything. Try to keep your chin up and move through it. Hold on to what you believe and wish for and allow things to unfold gracefully.  You will be provided with everything you need at the perfect time for you. Promise.

My product line is literally my lifeline. It is my joy, my everything. It is meaningful to me because of what it brings to all of you. There is a higher purpose to what I do beyond creating a skin cream or room spray. My sincere desire is to create awareness, to help others through my work, to inspire and bring light and joy to all that I encounter. Thank you all for supporting me and my mission.

Find the thing that moves you the most and do that.


Be graceful.

And trust that the answers will come and that you are supported when you follow your heart. ck

Now how about some music and some beautiful scents to heighten the experience. I’m loving this scent right now. I have my own signature scent, but lately I’ve been layering it with Voyageur from Parfum my line of natural high-end fragrances. It’s intoxicating (well, I’m intoxicated by it. Haha!).

Music! I’m obsessed with this band (The Alabama Shakes). I literally thought the lead singer was a man! She has such a distinctive, soulful, gritty voice. Take a listen.

That’s all folks. I’ll keep you posted on any events in the future. In the meantime, until next time; rave on, rock on and keep your chin high. Wink wink.


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