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Welcome May! Welcome days of May and all they bring!

Thank goodness

So, the other day I almost (can’t even use the word “almost” in what I’m about to describe to you) got ran over by a bus! Yeah, not just almost…I was TOUCHING the thing! I was at a street corner near my office waiting for the light to turn. When the light turned, I stepped off the curb into the crosswalk, going about my business when a bus whipped around the corner and turned right into me!! Holy CRAP! I remember thinking “is this really happening?!?!”

I started AT THE FRONT of the bus and was literally pushing the bus away as I moved to its side as it turned into me. I’m TOUCHING THE BUS!! From the front to its side as it pushes its way into me, forcing me to flea in seconds back to the curb (we started in the middle of the crosswalk). I remember thinking; “oh my gosh, this is going to hurt. I’m going under!” I wasn’t worried about dying. I was worried about the pain. I could see in seconds how easily one could get pulled under considering the angle and how it was turning into me. It all, like most accidents (or near accidents) happened in seconds. The bus driver stopped up the street but never got out, but people driving in the opposite direction ran from their vehicles to make sure I was okay. It was frightening. Shocking. And today as I relive the experience I still shake my head in awe that it even happened and that I’m okay.

Global Warming

That’s the thing with near accidents. It’s frightening to think about the chance of what could have happened. It revives a sense of gratitude and appreciation for life, our health and well being, family and friends. I didn’t need a severe injury to reclaim my sense of purpose and appreciation for life, health and people in my life. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t injured. Maybe I just needed something to put things in perspective; or maybe the bus driver needed to be reprimanded to avoid future incidents. It’s not always about us. We are all connected. Even the people that fled from their vehicles were part of it all. Maybe something shifted in them that day. All I know is that I’m grateful that nothing serious happened.

This month I’d like to suggest bringing to your awareness how interconnected we all are and being conscious of that. Be aware of your actions and how you spread your energy. Try to be conscious of avoiding negative patterns and words; for they send out a nasty signal and impact us and the people around us more than we are even conscious of. Try to UPLIFT. BE OPTIMISTIC. GRATEFUL. This month I’m getting back to my roots of writing on a daily basis 5 things I’m grateful for. Wanna join me??? I’ve been working with mantras lately, too which I feel keep me in a sacred space and help uplift my energy/vibration. Any type of ritual you can create this month and going forward to keep you in the space of gratitude and positivity will help you tremendously. I guarantee! 

Side note…keeping your eye out for large moving objects is helpful too. Wink, wink. Second side note: there is a video of the bus incident! The supervisor from the transportation office said it is frightening to look at and that “thank god” I was aware enough to see and respond so quickly. She said had I been texting or distracted it would have been horrific. Ummmmm. Please, please learn from this all of you that text while you drive or while crossing the street (especially you all in Fort Lee, NJ where it is not illegal to walk while texting — oh my goodness). Hope my story creates a little (or a lot) of awareness.

Okay. GRATITUDE. AWARENESS. APPRECIATION. POSITIVITY. That’s the mantra this month. Got it? I DO!! 

Now, we have to have music to get us in the mood, don’t you think?

I’m obsessed with these song/artists lately:

Let’s accompany the music with my other obsession. Aromatherapy. How about a little Uplifting Room Spray. It’s my favorite to use this time of year. The Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium remind me of the all the gorgeous flowers I smell on my walks in Santa Monica. YUMMY. You’ll love!!

I am grateful for you all and wish that you have the most delightful and love filled month ever.


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