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A belated welcome to June! I’ve missed you all, dearly. I feel time these days is limited and I wish for more of it; especially when it comes to sharing and communicating with all of you. 

I’m being sincere in saying I would like more time. I would like more moments, more space, freedom to enjoy and appreciate everything in life. It is not enough for me to have a few moments with great friends and family. It’s not enough when I hang up the phone wishing I had more time to talk to someone I know needs more support. It’s not enough when I feel stretched and my heart hurts because I want more time to give to everyone and everything in my life.

Due to my responsibilities, I have to manage my time. I do my best and choose to see every moment as sacred. There is nothing and no one I take for granted. I send that intention out to the universe; that everyone and everything that I encounter feel the sincerity of my gratitude. I am lucky to be in a position to support and connect with so many special people.

When absent from writing, I send gratitude to those of you that actually check my website and blog to see if I’ve made a new post and I send light hoping that you will be patient and know that I am supporting you all even when I’m not communicating.

Time. We have an abundance of it, but in reality; when it comes to those things that are special and sacred, I wish I had more.

My wish for June is that we see each moment as sacred. Please don’t assume that anyone in your life will be there tomorrow. Each day is new and brings gifts, beginnings, endings, light, grief, joy…we cannot predict what each day will bring. That is the magic of life. If we learn to appreciate EVERYTHING, good or bad, we create more space in our hearts for love and a deeper experience of life. I wish to use my time wisely and choose to love more at every opportunity I get. I hope even when my time is limited with each of you, you feel that love.

To help us get into this zone of appreciation of time, may I suggest a little Life Aromatherapy, tool? Life Manifestation Beads. Wear them as a reminder to slow down and embrace every person and thing in your life. Use them as a tool for mindfulness. (BIG GRIN).

Here is some music to get you in the mood. 

And for a little more inspiration: I’m working on my journal of portraits. Here are two of the latest.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 2.43.28 PM
One more thing before we go. A little California light for you all.

Remember your light. Be gentle. And embrace every moment.

With all my love,

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