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walking in the light

A spark of light ignites the night and I am inflamed and furious in my might to spread it everywhere. ck

Welcome to July (and now August!), friends. I hope you are embracing the long days of summer. This month is a special month for me. I was born this month (thank you mom & dad). As a child I probably took for granted having a summer birthday: Endless pool days, BBQ’s, play dates with friends…

Well, only a little in that regard has changed (wink).


I never lose sight of what I have and my might for what I wantgrows fiercer and fiercer every day. That’s why this month is dedicated to lighting up your path. I mean reallyTURN IT ON. We have to illuminate our dreams and share our spirits with the world. So many of us discount our talents because there is “too much competition” or “you’re too old” or “too young” too “inexperienced,” “not talented enough.” Please stop this non-sense. These are all illusions that keep people safe so that they don’t have to face rejection or criticism. Often we discount our abilities and that’s unfortunate. I see many talented, I mean TALENTED people that are doing nothing with their work. I give them space knowing that it may just be a matter of timing and that when they are ready and confident enough, they will go into the world with their gifts.

Please share your gifts with the world. I’ll be here to cheer you on!

Here is a list of things to help you stay motivated this month. I wrote this some time ago, but felt it was important to share again:

“Rules” for life

(Some are my creation, others are ideas I’ve adopted. I thought I’d share them with you for inspiration, support…because we all need a little help and sometimes, I too, need a reminder:) Enjoy!).

Trust yourself. Be true to who you are and trust what you feel. Only you know what is right and best for you. Key is to discover that for yourself and honor it.

Believe in your heart and what is holds. No one truly knows what is inside you and what is closest to your heart. Your dreams are your own, so hold on to them. The greatest romantics, inventors, artists were deemed “crazy” because of the risks they took in love and with their work. Go for it in love and go BIG….do the same with your dreams! So often we discount our feelings and use our minds to “rationalize” our behavior and what we see for ourselves. What you feel in your heart is true because you feel it. Believe it!

Be Grateful – for everything.

Live life with Joy. Find a way to bring light to yourself and to others every day. See the good in life! You have a hand in creating your circumstances. Choose to release negativity and see the best in everyone and everything.

When things get tough,  look at the lesson. Every experience has value and provides a chance for learning and growth. If things are tough and you are meeting resistance, let it go. Most likely your intuition is trying to tell you that something isn’t right for you.

Pay attention to your energy. Do those things that “uplift” you and surround yourself with people that do the same.
Live life with integrity. Do the right thing and honor the standards you set for yourself.

Be truthful.  Honesty supports everyone in the long run. Sometimes people are afraid to tell the truth because they are afraid of how the other person will respond. Let me tell you, it will only hurt you in the long run. The truth always comes to surface somehow.

Be kind. Have compassion. Understand that most of the time, people are doing the best they can with the tools they have in the moment.

If you want to spread some good vibes and send a message to others with our new Awareness Tee’s, we won’t stop you:) They are super soft and fun to wear. If anything, you might make some new friends by putting one on!

Here’s a little music inspiration for you, as well!! (well, a couple of artists I’ve been listening to lately).

Have a wonderful July (and August), everyone! Sending lots of light your way!

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