Let's start over, shall we?

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Welcome to September. Oooh, are you ready for this?? It’s a big month. Let this message below be our mantra for the month and going forward:

“I will not let anyone take away my light, put me down, or put me in a box. I will not allow other people’s fears and insecurities impact the way I see myself. I will not let people speak to me with ugly words and tones. I WILL CLOSE MY EARS AND EYES AND STAY INSIDE AND GROW BIGGER AND BRIGHTER. I will cherish my light, rise above and move past the limitations that these people project on to me. And I WILL THRIVE and DANCE and SHOW MY LIGHT TO THE WORLD. I WILL BE KINDER, MORE COMPASSIONATE AND LOVING AS A RESULT. AND AS I MOVE AWAY FROM THEM, I WILL PRAY THAT THEY FIND THESE THINGS IN THEMSELVES.” ck

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As humans we come in pure and full of light. Through life we accumulate scars that some call “flaws” and wounds that some call “stuff,” that cause us to forget who we are. If we’re met with messages that reinforce these flaws and open these wounds, we often react, retreat or run. For when we feel we’re not loved and accepted, if creates distance and separation. People don’t see this though when they are criticizing you or choosing to not be supportive when you tell them you need them and you know why?? Because they have stuff, too; wounds and stuff that blinds them from having any ability to be nurturing, compassionate or kind.

The thing is…we all have the ability to heal, grow and learn. Our wounds and flaws can become the very things that make us beautiful. The right people will see your wounds and love you. Simply love you and tell you “it’s going to be okay. I’m here for you. I see your suffering and burdens and I want to love and help you.” It is our role to do the work, but even if we’ve done the work, we still have wounds that surface. It takes strength to love, to be vulnerable and to show to those you trust, those parts of you that aren’t perfect and that need nurturing. The right person, people will cherish these things.

The most healing words you can say to someone you care for are these things:

I love you. I’m here for you. I will be your friend and ear if you need one. I will be by your side when you need me. And if you are hurting, I will love you more.

This month, I ask you to start over. Clear the slate. Accept yourself and all your wounds and flaws. Nurture them and surround yourself with people that nurture YOU. See the light in yourself and show it to the world. Affirm to yourself “I am perfect in my imperfection.” We came in pure and full of light; lets’ reignite that flame and start anew. I’m ready. Are you?? 

October will be an active month and perhaps chaotic for some (we’ll talk about that next month. ;)) . Let’s regroup, reorganize, re-assess and re-ignite. Blaze your path, whatever that may be. I’m cleaning the slate and taking a big leap with my dreams. Are you coming with me?

These are my words for all of you:

I love you.
I am here for you.
I will be your friend and ear if you need one.
And if you are hurting, I will love you more.

Thank you all for always being such and inspiration and joy in my life. I’m sorry I’ve been remiss in sending these messages out on a regular basis, but I have re-committed, re-organized and am starting anew and that includes my devotion to interacting with all of you. 

Here is some music to get us going this month:

And here are a little “light” options to spray on your gorgeous self. Life “Voile.”  (email me with perfume purchase requests at lifearomatherapy@yahoo.com) or how about a little Light -7th chakra spray. Mmmm, you’re gonna smell sooo good!
One more thing!! I’m coming to Phoenix!


Join me for a mojo moving and (hopefully) inspiring class at Urban Yoga Phoenix!

Sunday, September 23rd from 1-3pm.

Register at: 602.277.9642/info@urbanyogaphx.com

I’d love to see your beautiful faces!!

Love to you all. I’m sending blessings and wishes for an empowered and renewed month.


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