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Happy belated New Year (very belated)!  I bet many of you are ready for a clean slate after last year. My goodness…it was quite the year. We have exited the Lunar Eclipse energy of the full moon in Leo. January 31 held the eclipse and full moon and WOW was it a doozy! I felt like someone shot me with adrenaline. It was a frenzied, crazy energy – but GOOD!! These eclipses as I mentioned earlier create positive and necessary change. This eclipse pushed us in alignment with things that are in our highest path. If you met someone last week, started a new job, left a job, had a major event happen, trust what’s happening is for your highest good. It’s a time of ascension, aligning us with our highest path. The highest, most fulfilling path – if you don’t resist it, of course.

Last year was a year of MAJOR transformation. We had a rough start with the outcome of the Presidential Election and from there-on it was a roller coaster ride (to say the least)!!

I’m glad it’s over. I do feel that the worst is behind us (with the exception of our insane president). Growth needed to occur. As a collective group, we needed to be stretched and challenged to reveal the truth of who we are as a society. What are our values? Where is the divide? What needs healing? As individuals, I feel this last year allowed for a realization of truth around what we want and need to feel in order to be happy, whole and fulfilled in this life. Many things ended last year – especially when it came to relationships.  I truly believe the two eclipses that occurred last October were the catalyst of this major change –  creating an awareness around what wasn’t working in our lives. As a result, people let go of jobs, relationships – whatever wasn’t allowing for expansion and happiness. It was a year of endings, death…and with death comes the cycle we are now in – new life.

We are in a number 11 year. One of the most elevated numbers is numerology – a number of Spiritual Awakening. Uprising of sorts. Truth, transparency and love are the themes. Moving toward wholeness, community, family, friendship – ultimate support. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this year, especially since my master number is 11 – have a feeling that this is my year! Pleeeeasse!! I’ve been praying for YEARS to be settled, married in a home, with little ones running around (if that’s in the cards) – I’ve come to the realization over the last several years that my business is my baby and I am a mother through my readings and friendships to many, but gosh how I want the other things too!

It’s important to embrace the energy of this year, use it to better ourselves. We need to put the emphasis in our lives on our souls’ purpose, the deeper purpose of why we are here and what we can contribute. How can we do that? By giving ourselves space to reflect, connect within – be alone however we can create that space for ourselves.

I realize my work is my purpose. It’s why I devote my heart and soul to what I do. I love creating, sharing and supporting others. It gives me great joy and a sense of self, deeper meaning. I spend a majority of my time alone because I need to. I need the space to create, be quiet to feel whole. I understand that many of us don’t always have the luxury of being alone due to our responsibilities – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have control over that. We can create rituals at home to connect for even 10-15 minutes though listening to music, meditating, getting out on a walk or run, stretching, doing yoga, taking a bath – even smelling an essential oil will immediately shift your energy and allow for connection.

We are bombarded my technology and media – many of us use these tools to disconnect/check out. Our energy is still going out to whatever we are looking at, so it’s not restorative or healing at all. It may feel like it is in the moment, but I assure you, it’s not. We have to connect with ourselves and each other in real, human ways.

My prediction for this year is that many of us will put the emphasis of our lives on connecting, communing with people, getting out in nature and regaining some sort of control and meaning in our lives rather than depend on the things that distract and disconnect us. “No” is my word for this year. May sound a little negative but I assure you it’s not. It’s empowering to say “No, I don’t feel like doing that. Or “No, that doesn’t work for me.” Saying no to the things that don’t make you feel good will allow the space for the things that do. It will give you time for connecting with yourself.  What are you going to say yes and no too? A deepening of the spirit and connection to ourselves and others? YES! I am!! Ha!

The month of love is here. St. Valentines day. I feel every day is Valentine’s day and as a result I’ve created some LOVE kits that you can use throughout the year to keep you connected to love energy anytime you desire. Choose from:

Manifest LOVE, Self-Love Ritual Sets:

Personal Angel Love Reading/ Ritual/prayer provided by Carrie A. Keller Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil Amour Eternal Natural Perfume Roll-on Love Chakra Spray Rose, Palo Santo Sage Wand

Personal Angel Love Reading/ Ritual/prayer provided by Carrie A. Keller Amour Eternal Natural Perfume Roll-on Love Chakra Spray Rose, Palo Santo Sage Wand

Personal Angel Love Reading/ Ritual/prayer provided by Carrie A. Keller Rose Rejuvenating Face Oil Love Chakra Spray

Love message/prayer provided by Carrie A. Keller Love Chakra Spray


If you want to connect, heal and just have some tranquility and fun, come join me if you’re in LA for some special classes this month:

I’m also available for readings and mentoring – to help navigate the challenges that come up sometimes in life. It’s my favorite work to be a channel of divine love energy. Please let me know if I can help. Book here.

Lastly – I’m proud to announce that I’ve launch a new fragrance collection. This collection truly is my baby and I’m very proud of this creation. I’ve used my intuitive abilities to capture the essence of places that are very special to me. It’s a sensory experience that is evocative – transporting you through scent to different points of time. It’s meant to evoke all the senses – especially the “feeling” senses, as I’m all about love and I want people to feel that amazing healing energy.

One last thing before I go. Music!

Here a couple songs I can’t stop listening too. Feeling nostalgic lately. Mwah!

Too Much – Elvis

My babe -Little Walter

It’s going to be a powerful year. Find meaning, go deeper, help others, build your community. We need connection. It is essential to our happiness.

I’m grateful to connect with all you. Wishing a blessed and powerful month.


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