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This months energy is all about bringing to light those things deep within, you desire. The underbelly of the things you have not healed will come to surface. There might be a desire to be close to family, your beloved, children or to create a family, plant roots and “nest.” This is the energy of Cancer & Capricorn. The recent New Moon was in the emotional sign of Cancer on June 23rd and the Full Moon is moving into Capricorn and I’ll tell you – it’s a doozy! They call this Full moon the Buck Moon or Blessing Moon. It will be an INTENSE one – supposedly meant to create battles within and in relationships – all for healing and realignment with your needs. Wow, that sounds like fun. Ha ha! I have been an emotional sea saw the last two weeks alone!!  I’m a Cancer and have the delight of having Sagittarius and Scorpio in my sign, as well. COULDN’T. BE. MORE. EMOTIONAL. HAHA! I’m preparing for this full moon big time. I’m thinking of shutting off from the world completely to avoid any conflict – maybe surrounding myself with pillows??


I think she has a pillow in her belly for added comfort! She must have heard about this moon! 

Let me tell you how this energy has affected me….

The last two weeks have gone like this:

Sunday –  wake up, happy, not a care in the world.
Monday – wake up, tired, yet okay, optimistic, irritated.
Tuesday – Terribly sad for no good reason. Thinking of moving and selling everything.
Wednesday – Thank God for being alive, heaviness in heart. Cry to my partner gushing about how lucky we are, optimistic, still ready to sell everything but like the idea of clearing things out. Feels good and empowered.
Thursday – Excited. Focused. Fine. Heavy heart.
Friday – Tired. Horribly sad. Missing home.
Saturday – Happy, yet feeling alone all while being surrounded by my partner and friends.
Sunday –  Excitement followed by terrible depression. Ready to sell everything. Move home. Everything and everyone overwhelm me.

And this cycle went on for another week!  The later week being the worst of it. Today as I write this I feel as though I’ve been beaten up. Exhausted, sensitive and still a tad sad, but feeling much better (can’t you tell by my amazing humor?). Fortunately, I had time to meditate and do a little breath work and yoga stretches over the last few days to move some of the gunk out – it helped!! I sprayed possibly a gallon of my Love + Light Sprays over the course of several days, which helped too and I smell good to boot!


Excited or terrified?

99% of the time I am a very happy, optimistic person. That is why it is strange at times to wake up and feel a weight from the world that I don’t know what to do with. It’s simply in the atmosphere and as a highly sensitive person, it can be overwhelming. Feeling this atmospheric weight allows for me to empathize and help people through my intuitive readings, but yikes, is it intense sometimes.  I’m not saying that I don’t have my own stuff that comes up, I do. I am just very in tune with myself and so I know when I’m upset and why I’m upset or sad. It not a random feeling like what I feel sometime with the shifts of the moon and planets. Now getting to those darn nebulous cosmos…

What I enjoy about the stirrings of the moon and planets is that other people feel the shifts  (not that I like to see people suffer, by any means)! These shifts allow for connection, community, awareness and healing; which all ultimately lead to more love and compassion.  It would be a lonely planet if we were on our own to understand and feel this energy. I’m thankful every day to know other sensitive people that “get it” and need to connect during these times.

The interesting thing about this energy is that it is hard to kick. At least I’m feeling it’s difficult to shake. Some of you reading this may be thinking “I don’t know what this coocoo bird is talking about. I don’t feel a thing?!” That is completely possible. Sometimes the moons energy only affects those signs that the moon falls in. Sometimes people are completely unaware of any of the moon cycles/shifts. Now, when it comes to the other planets, that’s a whole different thing. Most everyone I know feels Mercury Retrograde! Look it up if you don’t know what that is – okay I digress…



Karrraaateee chop!

The message is (as there is hopefully always an intention when I take up your time with these lengthy blogs) is that it’s a time of major, as my friend Janine calls, “gooey duck”  healing and clearing. Deeper needs will surface during this time. We may scream and make demands as a result, or we could also take good care of ourselves, get the nurturing we need and consciously, calmly ask for what we need. Your choice. As as good as it may feel to lash out – I would recommend channeling that energy into healthy outlets such as boxing, running, kickboxing, writing or simply screaming into apillow before you take it out on anyone else.


Here are some “tools” and recommendations to get you though:

  • Surround yourself with pillows, puppies and babies. (my dream)


  • My dream…ahhh….

  • Morning ritual & evening ritual: Spend 15 minutes stretching, light a candle, put on nice music, take a few deep breaths. Connect with your breath after you’ve done a few stretches whether sitting or lying on the floor. Place your hand on your belly. Imagine a yellow light in your belly growing brighter, clearing out any emotions. Clearing out any congestion. Try to connect with your energy. Use your breath to relax the mind. Set an intention once you’re calm. An intention for the day and before you go to sleep such as: I intend for more joy, happiness and balance. I am relaxed. Everything works out for me.
  • Spray the Love & Light Chakra sprays all over your energy field, in your home and on your linens before bedtime.
  • Take a bath with Himalayan salt (4 tablespoons) and 4 drops Clary Sage oil. Burn palo santo, sage or cinnamon and sweep your body before you step into the bath. Clary sage is a powerful mood elevator. Don’t use more than 4 drops as it can cause dizziness/giddiness when used in higher concentrations. It should help you feel clear and refreshed.
  • Get a massage
  • Get out in nature – go on a hike, walk, run. MOVE and connect with nature elements. NO gym.
  • Listen to soothing & uplifting music
  • Write
  • Reflect
  • Hold a ceremony for yourself. Write down all your true thoughts/feelings, ask for any negative feelings, pain, discord to be released and burn the paper letting it all go.

I hope these recommendations help you get thought the month. Here’s a video I created about the New Moon in Cancer if you want to learn more about that energy.

Oh, and here are links to the LOVE + LIGHT chakra sprays. They WORK!! Promise!

Also – I am scheduling channeled intuitive sessions if you need support, healing and clarity.

ONE LAST THING – MUSIC!! Play on repeat…Fighting Away the Tears – Mocky & Feist

VERY LAST THING – I’m teaching two special workshops this month. 

July 20th 7pm@ WMN Space in Culver City (sorry, women only) and July 29th @ Light On Lotus. Hope to see you!!!

Wishing you all powerful and healing month. Try to have a little fun, too!

xx, Carrie

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