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You may be curious about the title of this blog. It’s not totally unusual to have two shoes, right? No. Let alone wear two shoes? Ha! Nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever. However, this story is not about two shoes, but two different shoes.


Hurrying one day, I quickly threw on my shoes and ran out the door to go to the store with my guy. It was a Sunday and Sunday’s are my favorite day. It’s the one day in the week that I devote to relaxation. Aside from teaching my morning meditation class, I make no plans. My partner and I will usually spend the afternoon/evening together relaxing and cook a special meal. This Sunday was no different than the others, with the exception that I was absolutely exhausted. The weeks prior were quite active and I needed some rest. I was looking forward to cooking dinner, settling in and watching a movie. I wanted to pop in & out of the store and get home!

As I hurried out the door, I had put on shoes without looking down to see what I was doing, shut and locked the door behind me. It wasn’t until we were driving that I noticed that I had on two different shoes! One ivory and one hot pink! Two different styles, both flats. I looked at my guy and said laughing “Oh my GOD!!! I’m wearing two different shoes!!! We have to go back home!” He was not phased in the slightest. As I persisted, he replied “Who cares??? Let’s go!”

He was right.  However, I wanted to go home. I debated for several minutes as we were driving, making it harder to turn back.

My ever so helpful ego began to  kick in and I started thinking about what other people would think about the mismatched shoes. Would they think that I was a LOON??? Trying to get attention?? OR perhaps attempting to start a new trend? (it is Los Angeles!). I thought of my clients, students and the chances of running into them. How could I teach when I can’t match my shoes?? Ha ha!

Now, in hindsight it sounds ridiculous — such a silly thing to worry about. BUT,  I have to acknowledge what went through my head because it taught me a good lesson!

You see, I’m a goof. I can be refined, graceful, “together,” but the truth is people that know me well, know that I do these things. I run into things, I share silly, awkward responses. I can be childlike. I dance to the overhead music while waiting on line –This is “me.” I am not always “together,” and I like that about myself. I don’t really pretend to be. That is why wearing mix-matched shoes was no surprise to me (or my guy!). If anything, it made me laugh inside.

Typical Los Angeles Shopper

Rest of the story goes: We went into Whole Foods, which if you live in Los Angeles a trip to WF’s can be a bit of “scene”, but I smiled and made eye contact when I saw people noticing my shoes, kept my chin high and went on with our shopping.

I still laugh about that evening, as silly as it was. It taught me in an instant so much about myself, especially my ego. Even when I think I’ve tempered that darn thing, it pops back in! The whole thing caused me to love my goofiness even more.

The message of this month is this: EMBRACE YOURSELF! Bring out the silliness. Stop trying to be “perfect” and just love yourself “as is.” It makes the journey a whole lot easier and I tell you, people relate more to the lighter, sillier stuff much more than the “together,” perfectionist “stuff.”

Here is a little music to get you in the mood:

And here’s a little something to give you a boost!

Life Aromatherapy – 3rd Chakra Spray

I use this spray to evoke playfulness, confidence and joy: Spray anytime you need a little support!

And here’s a video I created to explain a bit more about this center: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_XnWKieeKQ

Now, I dare you to go out with two different shoes and show the world what you’re working with.

Until next time! Mwah!

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