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Heart of a Gypsy – Warrior Heart Pledge

Hi!!! It’s been an eternity since I’ve written anything! Wow, how the time passes…

I have to admit – for the last year or more, I’ve felt like I had nothing to say. My energy was spread thin. I wasn’t feeling inspired to write and frankly, I began to feel like what I had to share wasn’t important. I fell into the space of “survival.” As much as I was working on expanding my line and readings, my heart was feeling sad, lonely and I was exhausted.

I had an awakening recently (thankfully!) when I attended an event hosted by the Tina Brown “Women in the World” Organization. My sister is part of Tina Brown’s team and reserved a spot for me and a friend. The organization is about women supporting women internationally. The discussion contained controversial yet, important subjects. Many of the woman that were on the discussion panel and in attendance were powerful (powerful!!) women that are changing the world. I was awestruck by the heart wrenching stories and the injustice many women face across the world. Other stories were inspiring and invigorating.

 Ultimately sitting there with a group of 300 women, I woke up. My Warrior Heart, the one that has guided me through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, lit up and provided to me a message that I could not deny. I AM NOT DOING ENOUGH. Sitting there hearing these gripping stories, I remembered why it was I moved to Santa Monica: to grow personally, professionally and to support people globally through my work. I have done what I can under the circumstances of living here, but it is my circumstances living here, that have not always allowed for the stability I need to REALLY GIVE, EXPAND and SERVE. I have been trying to keep up and now, I’ve WOKE UP!

What I took away from the experience was more than I could have imagined. It put things in perspective for me. I saw the areas in my life that needed to change and it made me incredibly grateful for my life.

I am overjoyed that my sister is part of such an amazing organization (they are lucky to have my sister, as well. She’s a SUPERSTAR!!). I hope to contribute to this organization any way I can and be an advocate for their causes.

Wanna help too?!?! www.tinabrownmedia.com

Back to the Warrior Heart…

We are all incredible beings. We all face challenges in our lives, joys, and moments when we think we can’t continue or that we aren’t able to change our circumstances. That is why we need each other. That is why having a strong, resilient and faithful heart is so important. We have to love and believe in ourselves. We have to love and nurture ourselves and do those things that bring joy to every moment. We have to help each other. It is essential. 

“When I first went to places where people were suffering from war and persecution, I felt ashamed of my feelings of sadness. I could see more possibilities in my life.” -Angelina Jolie

Often we get so consumed in our everyday life that we neglect to see the bigger picture of what could be and how to create change. It is sometimes a daunting task to manage our own daily responsibilities, let alone, consider others that may need support.

If we can take the steps to look at our immediate circle and see if there are ways to create more love, support and harmony in our immediate lives and the lives of our loved ones, then we’ve made a big step. If we can do more than that, wonderful. Any little bit helps and it all starts in our immediate circles.


Malala Yousafzai – another courageous woman who is changing the world…

Living here in Los Angeles, I see great abundance and I see a lot of suffering…people just trying to make it and find their way. The dichotomy of energies is intense sometimes (at least for me). The homeless population here is another story…so many are mentally imbalanced and without the proper services to get assistance. It’s hard to see the suffering and the wealth all that the same time. It’s life, I know. It’s what comes with living in a big city, it’s just so prevalent. The awareness around the disparity makes me incredible grateful for my life and circumstances. It puts me in alignment with how lucky I am and so many of us are. The more we can do to put the emphasis on love, giving and lifting people up rather than on self-focused, superficial, material things, the better. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in abundance and having everything your heart desires, but I also believe in giving and sharing. That is what makes having abundance so fun.

My warrior heart has been tired, but I am realigning and repositioning myself to make some changes. Writing this blog is the first step. I hope you use this time to align yourself with your highest path and make the Warrior Heart pledge to do your part in the world. Open your hearts, give, love and support others. I’ll honor my pledge and will continue to do as much as I can to support others in their lives through my products, readings and much more.

Soooo, what are we going to do this month?? Get GOING!! There is work to do!

Here is a little music to inspire you!

Loud Pipes – Ratatat

I Ain’t The Same – Alabama Shakes

All The Time – Bahamas

As part of my realigned commitment; I’m working on scheduling some workshops. Yay!! Most of the workshops will involve yoga, intuitive development, sacred healing circles and empowerment classes to assist you in your life. Contact me directly if you would like to schedule in your area.

Also, I’ve opened up my mentoring sessions, as well. These If you have any interest, contact me directly to coordinate. Some mentoring sessions are done face to face, others via phone/Skype.That’s all for now, angels. Go out and lift someone up (literally and figuratively. haha). Here’s a little something to make you laugh. Don’t we have the same smile? hahahahaha!!!


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