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Keeping up with the theme of last month…I have a little story for you:

New Orleans

A friend of mine recently visited New Orleans. Before his visit, he asked if he could bring me anything back from his trip (probably because he saw in my eyes how desperately I wanted to visit a home that I’ve known in my heart, but have never seen). “YESSS, please bring me some “GOOD VOODOO MAGIC!!!” I begged!! He laughed, but a part of me knew that he would do what he could to bring me back some magic. I felt it. When he returned from his trip, he pulled out for me not ONE, but THREE voodoo magic dolls!! Lemme tell you, I adore this man already, but when I saw the dolls, something in my heart lit up (like a little girl getting a puppy!) and I couldn’t stop from smiling and feeling immense appreciation and gratitude for him. If only he knew what the dolls represented to me. To know that they came from a place so imbued with magic, mystery, history…well, there are no words that capture the feeling except; KAZZZAMM!!!  Haha!

See, the dolls represent a long line of what I believe we are capable of creating and manifesting in our lives; MAGIC. It is everywhere, but sometimes we forget to see the magic in our lives and forget to wonder, dream and aspire for things far, far beyond our imagination.

I think for the last while I’ve forgotten about magic. I’ve had to balance so much in the last few months that I think to some degree, my belief in magic went away. I would see glimpses of it, but it was a struggle. I felt like I was just working, keeping my head above water,doing my best to support those people in my life, but not feeling fulfilled or hopeful; which isn’t like me. Something shifted going into October, and now going in to November (with my magical dolls), all I feel is light, magic and a feeling of excitement and exhilaration that I haven’t felt for some time.Yesterday on my run, I literally wanted to skip and dance. Everything I saw in the moonlight had a special glow and it seemed like behind every shadow was something interesting to discover. No fears were present, only hope and a knowing that my world is perfect just as it is and it keeps getting better. And a feeling of there is nothing that is too far out of my reach, especially if I believe in my own magic and trust that I am supported beyond my comprehension of what that really means.


God said; dance in the light
I did
He said; love wholeheartedly
I have
And will
He said; forgive
I do every day
And forget
I try
He said you’re bigger & brighter than you think
And stronger
He told me to believe
I do
To trust
I do
To have patience
I’m trying
He said; you’ll see in the end
That it’s all worthwhile
I believe him
Because I see glimpses of him
In the eyes of all I see
And the smiles
And I feel him when I
Dance in the light
So, what do you think about working your own magic?? Huh?? Come on, I wanna see your tricks!  I’m inspired by so many of you. Your spirits, talent, fearlessness. We have to trust ourselves and believe we are creating a life full of light, magic and joy!! We HAVE to!


Aligned with that, I’m spreading some magic in a bottle. We’ve launched our perfume line!! Yay!! Talk about attracting what you want, well, these are sure to bring things in.:) I was actually inspired by 1920’s Paris (which New Orleans in the day represents, too) in the packaging design. The story of the perfumes is mystical and magical. You’re going to love them! My good friend April, a FABULOUS, SUPER talented designer, captured my vision beautifully. Thank you, April!!
You can wear the fragrances alone or layer them with others in the group to create your own unique fragrance. They will be going up on our website, soon! You can email me directly with any interest. I can also create a custom formula just for you by tuning in to your energy/vibration. 

And for more inspiration! MUSIC!

Also, support others in their efforts to help others. This story is pretty neat and I love their intention.

Did you know that Life Aromatherapy contributes a percentage of all profits to the IRC and other organizations that support humanitarian and social causes. Please know that is our greatest intention…to help all of you and support people across the world. You’re support makes an enormous difference.

One last thing — over the last few days, a message has been coming up. Maybe because I’ve seen more than ever how valuable life and our connections with people are. Don’t take your relationships for granted. Don’t go days, weeks without reaching out and letting them know you care. A couple friends of mine have lost people in the last week that they are very close to and it always reminds me of the short time we have here. If you have an argument with someone; make it right and rise above it. Keep your boundaries, but do it in love. Hold on to those that are dear to you and let them know as much as you can how much they mean to you. I don’t think any of us get tired of too much love. 

I’m waving my magic wand at you all, and asking that all your greatest dreams come true. KAZZAMMM!

Oh, before I forget!!! I’m coming to Urban Yoga in Phoenix!! Mark your calendars for a blissful, flowing, manifestation abundant class!! Call or email Urban Yoga to Register. 602.277.9642

Urban Yoga Phoenix
Creative Manifestation Flow w/Carrie Keller
November 26

Bring a mat, towel, water and a journal!! 

Much love!

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