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“In India, there is a method of catching monkeys. Food is placed in a pot with a small hole in it. When the monkey puts its hands in to grab the food, it tries to take its hand out, but cannot. The monkey starts to be filled with immense fear because it thinks there is something in the pot holding its hands from getting out.It doesn’t realize that all it has to do is open its hand and let go of the food and it will be able to remove its hand from the pot. If we let go of what we hold onto, we would be free as well.” – The Daily Guru

Happy October!! Oh, how I’ve missed you all (and FALL).


Well, I’ve fallen off the wagon again with my writing. Sorry!! I wanted to do nothing other than hibernate for the last few weeks. Please forgive me. As with all my messages, I hope this one meets you at the perfect moment.
Are you ready for this month?? You better get prepared, because October is all about action! I like to call this energy “no messing around” energy. Hee hee. There is a gentleness that surrounds this forceful energy, though; I feel that we are being led to step more fully into our divine power.


The last week of September was intense and was very hard on many people, me included, but in ultimately in a positive way. Coming in to the new month (October) I noticed a different energy, less masculine, less aggressive. What I felt with this shift was this: nothing that is not aligned with your truth is going to stay around this month, and fortunately the gentle energy that I referred to earlier, is carrying us all and bringing in the joy that comes with honoring what IS serving you in every area in your life.

Now, the energy of the planets can get things moving, but it is we that ultimately that make the decision to make changes in our lives. Situations will arise that we have no control over, but we always have a choice as to how we deal with them. We always have a choice, whether we think so or not.

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I’m now ready to write, share and create. My energy last month was devoted to finding more balance in my life, as my schedule was getting to be a bit nutty. It is still nutty, but absolutely better. It was necessary to make some changes and create space for what brings me the most joy…and I had to make the changes in all areas…work, relationships, health, etc.

I’m telling you this because I want you all to work your magic this month. No messing around!! Ha! Make the necessary changes you need to make in order to create more room for joy and all those things and people that will support you. If something drains your energy, let it go (at least consciously). Create some magic and let the NEW come in. It’s going to be an action oriented, determined month, but the the gentleness of the energy is going to feel supportive. So, step into your power and take advantage of it, because the next couple months are going to be about REST (at least I think so…we’ll see how I feel next month. Haha!).

To help you this month in working your magic, I am recommending the Alluring Room or Alluring Facial & Body Spray (for men and women). The alluring blend contains benzoin (smells like vanilla), ylang ylang, palmarosa…all attracting and enticing oils. I’m dousing myself with them now. YUMMMMY! I feel magical already. 

Also, keep an eye out for our perfumes. We are almost done with the final stage of the packaging, so they should be launching this month. You are going to LOVE them!! They are beeeautiful!!!

And of course a little music for inspiration:

I’ve missed you all so much. Please let me know how you are doing. If there is a store that you frequent that either is out of stock of our products or if there is a store you’d like to see us in, please let me know! We want the products to reach all of you any way they can!

Also – with the change of the season, some people find that they need a little more support going in to the next couple months. I am offering 15% off my readings this month. Just mention that you saw the promotion in this blog post and I’ll apply the discount.  Email: fairygirlbliss@yahoo.com to book.

I am sending so much love, joy and magical fairy dust to you all. I hope this is a powerful month for you.


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