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Hello Friends,

It’s been awhile. Ahhhhhhh. Will you forgive me??? If I give you a big squeeze, maybe??? Pretty please. 

When I write, it’s with the intention of inspiring. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, it’s just that, well, I’ve had plenty to deal with the last few months and am finally coming up for air. I think I needed a little inspiration. Ha!

Happy New Moon in Cancer!! What does that mean? I’d love to tell you, but this blog is long enough! I will, however, tell you that it’s a good thing – and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Cancer (with Scorpio rising and Sagittarius moon – now you know everything!).  I DO want to talk about  something “spacey” though, something else related to the planets…

Do you recall the Grand Trine a few months back? What was that you say? Yes, the Grand Trine. You know about it, right? No?? Let me tell you all about it.

Something interesting happened around April; a particular arrangement of the planets created a precise geometrical square in the sky — exact to one-third of a degree! Truthfully, I don’t know all that much about astrology, but I will admit that I feel shifts in atmospheric energy, the planets and the changes of the moon. Sometimes, more than I care to. This particular Grand Trine was made up of Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Mars which created pushy, confident, expansive and extremely potent energy. Some even referred to it as violent and ruthless. (Grrrrr…)

lion roar

The Trine attempted to make right of what needed to be right. Upheavals were omnipresent. The energy of it all was meant to launch each of us to the next level of our personal evolution and awakening. Where was I? Ummm, yeah right in the middle of the tornado! I think I saw some of you in there with me. ;- )The energy was meant to turbocharge personal evolution and awakening. I feel that it did.

The blessing in all of this is that, sometimes, the Universe does the clean-up for us…whether we like it or not. It was a purposeful, powerful time. And after several months to reflect on it all and slowly negotiate and form a new footing, I am so grateful for all of those things that didn’t work out for me at the time and all the gifts that have come since.

What I realized is this:  when you maintain your integrity during times of challenge, you evolve on such a deep level that you magnetically attract people that are aligned in the same way. We are all learning constantly. When you remain in love energy and acceptance during challenging times, it will get you far.

So, back to you and the Grand Trine. I really hope you are all feeling great and finding more balance recently. The Universe only attempts to assist us in aligning with our highest path. It is our resistance to change that creates the most suffering. My man Russell Simmons says: “Needing nothing creates everything.” Meaning, the “needing” of things to be different creates a lack and a helpless feeling. When we embrace what is, even if we hate it, we create more space for love, healing, openness, newness and the ability to make a clear decision around what needs to change.


Cleansing & Awakening.

I recently participated in a meditation at Sattva Yoga studio. They hosted Bryan Bishop (Bald Bryan), who works with Adam Carolla, who just released a NY Times top selling book called Shrinkage.

Through meditation, medicine and alternative healing he reduced the size of an inoperable tumor in his brain to half the size. The book tells his personal story and the love story between him and his beloved wife. Listening to him reinforced my belief in the power of meditation and the power of belief.

Sometimes as I’m working hard and not always seeing the immediate results of my hard work, I get a bit deflated. I think we all do. That’s why we need each other. We have to lift each other up and lift ourselves up. I feel yoga, meditation (and my products…I believe in them that much!!) nature…anything that helps you relax, build inner confidence and faith, are essential.

Lately, I realized how much I miss interacting with larger groups of people. I’ve neglected my writing and teaching for too long. I’ve recently committed to changing that. So, I’ve decided to start teaching yoga again and have planned some workshops around teaching people about awareness though meditation, intuition, energy and empowerment workshops. Please check my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Pages for updates. I will be teaching at Sattva Yoga in Brentwood starting in July at 8am on Tuesdays & Thursday. Look for me at Bhakti Yoga Shala and Yoga Salt, too!! I am subbing at both studios until they have room for me.  I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to support these wonderful studios and all of you!!  I hope to see you there!!

Secondly, my posts going forward may at times be simple & sweet, but I intend to post more often. With that, if you have questions or topics you would like me to address, please email me at: carrie@lifearomatherapy.com and I will share your questions (anonymously) on some of the future blog and Twitter posts. I will conducting  one question, short guided readings for free, so that everyone can learn and benefit from the guidance. Yay!!

Here is a little “light” to get you though and to help you remember where you came from.

Light Chakra Spray & Etoiles (Stars – Essence of the Stars) Parfum.

Light Chakra Spray assists with clearing ones overall energy field. Those that are highly sensitive find this formula extremely effective, as do children. I use this spray after my sessions to “clear” my energy and keep me healthy and balanced.

Etoiles – Essence of the stars

I believe we are all energy and part of everything. This fragrance is my version of what star energy and essences smells and feels like. It helps me connect to something bigger when I need the support. When we recognize that we are all one, and part of everything, it assists with dissolving the ego energy and fosters a more powerful force of energy, universal cosmos energy that always, I mean always, has our best interest at heart.

And a little music to get you in a new grove:

So Much Things To Say – Lauren Hill

When things are challenging, do things that help you stay centered. Try to shift your perspective and learn from the experience. Be grateful and stay in love energy. I assure you — things will be better if you do. I believe this with all my heart.

Stay positive, mediate, and get in nature. Let things go. Practice patience. Love through it all.

I love you all. See you soon!


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