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Yes, this month we are all getting schooled. This word has come up too many times to not discuss it — so here we go folks.

The dictionary defines integrity as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. The state of being whole and undivided.

What I’ve realized when it comes to integrity — some people are fortunate to come into the world aligned with it. Something intuitively navigates them in taking right action in every circumstance. They may not even realize it, but they are fortunate, fortunate beings. For a greater percentage of us spend most of our lives learning to align with it through stumbles, fumbles and flat out hard lessons.

I love the quote by Oprah “Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody is going to know whether you did it or not.”


I feel you have to be honest with yourself before you can truly live with integrity. You have to have so much love and respect for yourself that innately, you would never cause harm or do something that you know would be dishonest to yourself or someone else. As Oprah said, it is taking right action regardless of who is aware of it. It is a gift you give yourself knowing that you are clear and honest in your actions. Living with integrity allows for greater freedom, for when you are less burdened with those things you need to hide & make right, there is more space to love and uplift.

For me, living a life full of integrity is essential. It is the foundation to all my choices and my work. I believe people feel that and therefore I am able to form deep, loving and trusting relationships as a result.

Living a spiritually aligned life involves a foundation of integrity. When something is not aligned with my integrity, I typically will move away from it. The energy will usually bring me down and make me feel “icky.” Simple as that. When I see that someone is afraid or still learning how to live a life of truth, I have compassion and try to support them in a way that allows for growth and self-awareness, but ultimately, it is up to them to do the work and I know that. Therefore, we must not judge. We are all constantly changing and evolving. Someone in your life may lack integrity today, but there is always room for growth should they choose to embrace it.

I believe that we are always aware of our actions, even if we lie and make excuses, we are always aware. That is the integral truth that we cannot run away from and that is the truth that I believe can set one free if you choose to release living that way.

Our collective consciousness brought awareness to this subject this month, so I have to say, we must be ready for change. Are you ready for more happiness and freedom? Well, let’s do this, then!

First lesson of Fight Club —

Oops, wrong post.

Lessons for living a life of Integrity:

  1. Think about your actions. Will they cause harm to you? Others? If so, don’t do it. Simple as that. It’s not worth it.
  2. Be honest. With yourself and others. It allows for transparency and a deeper & clearer way of relating. Plus, when you have nothing to hide, it releases you from feelings of guilt, shame, etc. and allows for freedom. It also empowers others to be honest, for when you are vulnerable & truthful, people feel that vibration.

    3. Be compassionate. Take actions that support & uplift, rather than repress and put down. Love people even if they hurt you, for we are all learning constantly and are here to be mirrors for each other. The more you uplift and support, the better you feel & we all feel.

 Okay, there are more lessons, but you can schedule a reading with me if you need a little mentoring. Ha ha.

 I love you all. I really do. It is a blessing beyond words to support you all any way I can.Here are some tools that may help you as you are working on aligning with the lesson this month:

Here are some tools that may help you as you are working on aligning with the lesson this month:

Life Truth Chakra Spray – It really is truth serum in a bottle. Enough said.

Life Light Chakra Spray – Because we all need a little light when we are realigning.

Life Love Chakra Spray – I know I can never get enough of it. I think you’ll feel the same. (wink, wink).

Here is a little music to inspire you, as well:

 Honesty – Billy Joel

Tip of my tongue – The Donnis Trio

There’s A Key – M.Ward

That’s it beautiful beings. I hope you have an uplifted, empowered month. Let me know how you are doing.


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