Happy Holidays

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Welcome to December! I hope you all are enjoying the month so far and all the magic it holds. 

Christmas lights

As we move into the holidays, I hope that you all decide to slow things down a bit and take time to enjoy and let go a little. Try to get your shopping done early. Relax. Read a book. Go on a walk. Take a bath. Indulge a little. Savor every moment.

We often forget to just “be” and simply relax this time of year. I’ve heard stories from friends that their families have decided to not buy presents and rather just make the holiday about enjoying the time together. My family does something similar. I’m not saying everyone should do this (we still buy for the children in our family), but it’s a nice way to shift into a more expansive space of appreciation. I love buying gifts (and receiving them. hee hee), but in the back of my mind I’m always conscious of those people that are not as fortunate and want nothing more than something to eat and a place to rest. I hope this year you too, remember those people that need the help and maybe, if you can, do what you can to support them.

There is no greater gift than giving to someone that could really use the help. It fosters love and a depth of gratitude that is like nothing else. SO, in saying all this, I am donating 15% of profits from all on-line sales to the IRC this month. I am also going to give a percentage of money to the homeless in my area. Living in Santa Monica, I encounter a number of people that have no homes. It’s strange to live in such an abundant area, yet see so many people living on the street. I always give thanks for all that I have and I never take it for granted. I don’t take any of you for granted, either. Thank you from the bottom (and top!) of my heart for all your support!

I have to say one more thing and I’m sure it’s on the forefront of your minds, as well. The horrific shooting and loss at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut breaks my heart and I struggle for words to convey my deepest sympathy to all the families that lost their beautiful little children and loved ones. It makes me sick to think about how everyone in their town will cope and recover from the trauma and grief around this situation. I hope this horrendous situation creates awareness around how destructive guns are and how necessary it is to change our laws around guns. If any light and awareness comes from this situation, I hope it is to limit the availability of guns and to reform our services to people that are in need of mental/emotional help. Something HAS to change.

Let’s cherish every moment of our lives, especially now and going forward. Love your little (and big) ones like there is no tomorrow. Many of us take time for granted. Let’s stop that. Things change moment to moment. Let’s make the most of the time here.

Manifestation Oils

Okay, so we have a couple new items we’ve added to the line: Life Manifestation Vials, Manifestation Oils and Fairy Gift Tags. Take a look!!! They will be on our website, soon, but in the meantime you can email order requests to: lifearomatherapy@yahoo.com

Here is some music recommendations. My holiday favorites:

Take it easy the next couple weeks. Prepare for the New Year. There will be lots of treats and surprises. Do the clearing, resting, now. I promise you, it’ll be good!! Next month might be a little rocky energetically (or frenzied for some), but come February IT IS ON!!!   Just you wait and see!

I am beyond grateful for all of you. Thank you again for being my light and inspiration for the work I do. I am sending much love and many wishes your way.


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