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Hello!! Long time no chat:( Sorry, yet again, for neglecting you. Will you forgive me, please??

Before I go into this blog: I want to acknowledge the Haiti crisis and send love and energy to all the people in need. The circumstance there is heartbreaking, and I’m sure you all are aware of the help they need. It is wonderful to see how people are uniting and contributing to aid the Haitians. If you wish to donate, here are some foundations that are collecting money for aid:

I have friends that adopted a little girl from this orphanage. All the money sent goes directly to helping the children and adults in need: http://www.dilloninternational.com/

This is one of my favorite charities. Please review their website when you have a moment. http://www.theirc.org/

When I see the unfathomable situation these people are in, I feel an overwhelming sense of compassion. It helps me to put things in perspective and reinforces the gratitude I have for life. I know that even the smallest efforts help these people. I could go on and on; as there are other countries that are still recovering from catastrophic natural disasters; and people that are in dire situations because of the oppressive and violent rule their country is subjected to; and hundreds of thousands of refugees that have escaped these situations that are in shelters with limited food and resources.

These events create awareness and appreciation, which is the irony and the blessing. Just as my heart goes out to all of you because we are all doing the best we can, my heart goes out to all the people that have no choice but to try to survive their circumstances…we humans are truly amazing creatures. We are more powerful then we can comprehend and loved beyond any type of love we are aware of. I wish these horrible situations were non-existent, but unfortunately, they’re real. So please don’t take life for granted. Let the people in your life know how much you care for them. Appreciate what you have and share when you can. Hope. Send love. Love and love some more. Life is precious and short. So live now. Give now. And believe in your power and contribution to this world…they do make a difference.

I’ve edited this post because I feel that people close to me were associating the “Liar, liar pants on fire” post with something they may have done. Ha! Oh, no!!  I can sometimes be too direct with my messages. Ha! So sorry. Just want to encourage people to speak their truth and be truthful in their actions and communication with others. I see so often how people are afraid to do this and I want to be that person to cheer you on:) The 5th Chakra spray from my Chakra line will help you with this, too…promise:)

Now music!!! Ugh! I’m SO in love with the new Vampire Weekend Album. The first song, Horchata, makes my heart sing!!! Sorry…I’m probably making you all sick. Haha!!

Sending kisses, spreading wishes, and giving my love, to you!!

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