March Tip... with and added bonus.. fun & music:) "You Know it!!"

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Oh, March, how I love you!

March is my absolute favorite month here in Arizona. The weather absolutely gorgeous (!) and there are so many fun activities, fairs, etc. this time of year. Makes for a lot of fun in the sun:)

So, just to warn you – this will a BIG month for change. Hold on!

Now about change thing….for the last few months I’ve experienced what I would like to call “growing pains” and basically, a lot of change. Not comfortable. Not totally enjoyable; but completely necessary for my evolution in my work and personal life. You see, I’ve made some compromises, that a year ago, I would have never made. I’ve made some compromises with my work, which were necessary for growth and always in line with my integrity so, to some degree, I didn’t really feel like I was “compromising,” but maybe just bending the rules a bit:)

And, I also made some compromises in my personal life that I would have never made. But, these compromises were coming from a place of love, and I felt ok with the decisions and energy around these decisions, so again, I never felt that I was compromising who I am, my integrity and moral fiber…instead, I was choosing to be more open, more understanding, and “allowing” room for growth. I felt these “compromises” were, in a way, ultimately pointing me towards my higher path because of the clarity I gained as a result of these choices.

Why am I sharing all of this?? Well, this is, on an energetic level, a month for change and offers the perfect opportunity to “allow” for the new. If, in life, we stay rigid, defiant, and closed off from evolution, change, growth, etc. we might just miss out on some wonderful opportunities to experience life at a deeper level and get to know ourselves in a different light and depth. Key point here is to understand one thing…the compromises I am speaking of are coming from a place of “openness and love” rather then “fear.” When we make compromises from fear and compromise our self worth, value, integrity, etc. there are going to be some hard lessons to learn, and it won’t be an enjoyable experience and it can absolutely stunt your growth (emotionally). You won’t feel good about it and you will eventually recognize that something beyond the situation is being compromised: YOU!

Healthy compromises, from love and openness, can allow for more growth, love, and clarity. Our higher consciousness is aware of the “bigger picture” and how, sometimes, a compromise is necessary for evolution. For me, I am willing to make compromises in my work, relationships, etc. But what I will not compromise is my integrity. Nor will I compromise my value/worth in my work and relationships. I won’t make compromises that don’t serve me or make me feel good, and I won’t make compromises out of fear of “not having.” I am, however, willing to be open, access those situations where a compromise is necessary, and go with it if it feels right because I know ultimately good will come from it.

Start fresh this month, invite the new. Bend the rules a bit when necessary, but don’t compromise your integrity or your worth. I see so often how people make concessions because they don’t think they are worth it. You are worth it! Believe it! Use your discernment and be open to something new or different when it comes your way, and stay in your power and integrity when a compromise doesn’t felt right.

Gosh, I sure hope I’m making sense! Ha! To help with all this, you know that I’m going to recommend one of my fabulous products to help you with the journey:) How about my “Uplifting” products. The Room Spray, Facial & Body Spray and Massage Oil smell like spring contained in a beautiful glass jar. Open it up and smell the bouquet of Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, Lemon….ahh!! You feel better & clearer already, don’t you?? I know you do;)

So – a friend of mine has this line of fun, eco-conscious jewelry. She was recently in the Grammy Gift bags (her jewelry, not her…that would be awkward), so you will soon see a lot of celebs wearing her art. Check out her awesome jewelry, here: http://www.tagitgreen.com/

My new favorite restaurant in Phoenix: http://www.stfrancisaz.com/ I could go on and on about this place. Every element, from the decor, wine selection, FOOD, presentation, etc. is perfect. If you are visiting Phoenix, or live in the valley, please have this experience. You will love it! Maybe I’ll see you there, as it is my new home away from home;)

Let’s just get to it already. MUSIC!!! Yea!! Music!! I’ve been listening to Citizen Cope a lot lately. I first discovered this artist about 8 years ago. At the time I saw him, he was just coming out on the scene and it was just him and a guy on piano. No frills. Just the two of them, straight up. I was mesmerized and drawn to his voice, rhythm and energy. When artists or things get popular, I sadly put them away (ego, I know), so I haven’t really listened to him for a while. But while sitting on the patio, under the stars, by a fire, my friend put in one of his cd’s and I instantly fell in love all over again. So, I’m hooked and have been listening to the Ever Waking Moment album for weeks now. Favorite song: Somehow. Check it (and all the albums) out now!!

I’m out for now. And just so you know….I’ve missed you all dearly!


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