A change is a happening...

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Photo of Ocean

Oh yes, beloved “change.” How I both love and resist it. Don’t we
all, really? Ha! Well, I have some news for you. I’m off to be near the Ocean…here is a photo of my new home:) Beautiful, isn’t it??

I’m moving to Santa Monica at the end of the month. I’m thrilled and a bit nervous about it all. It’s the right decision for me, no doubt. I feel it! I feel alive there and I know with that energy, I am moving towards manifesting my dreams. Wanna come???

This whole “change” is really stretching my heart though. I’m leaving so many people that I love so dearly. Fortunately, I have many excuses to come back to Phoenix and I’m lucky I have a lot of business here with my products, as well. Whew!! Cannot fathom the thought of not seeing family and friends frequently. Wish me luck!!

You know what you can find in LA, don’t you?? Music!! That’s right. I will be sharing all my “discoveries” and sharing my experiences. Thinking of shooting more videos, so you’ll see everything first hand. Fun, fun!! Here is my latest music obsession: Band: Beach House Song: Zebra – the energy of the song pulls my heart strings…purity, truth and vulnerability come to mind..and love…

Here is some of my latest artwork. Ha! Yes, I’m doing tattoos now. Haha. There is nothing more entertaining for me than drawing on people. Ha! Thank goodness they’re not permanent:)

Just thought I’d add a little fun to the post. I hope you are all well. I’ll be checking in again soon. Have some packing to do!! Yikes!!

Sending much love & wishes your way!!

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