It's a bittersweet ending and beginning...

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It is getting down to the wire now. Only a couple more days here in Phoenix. Ugh. It’s been tough saying my farewells to family, friends, students, clients, etc. Really tough:(Thankfully, I will be back often and I’m moving to an ideal place for friends/family to visit:) Still, it’s not easy.

I’ll be recording the ride out to California and starting my video series once I settle in. Stay tuned:)

Here is the first video of many: (I’m a very safe driver…notice how I look in the review mirror;))

I’ll try to make the videos entertaining for you all!! That’s the beauty of technology…we have so many ways to stay connected to people. I love that I can Skype and see loved ones…and I love the use of video…capturing a moment and having it available anytime I want to review it, is so awesome!! Hopefully, you will all feel more involved with what I’m doing when you see the videos. It’s the best thing I can do other than being right in front of you or writing through this blog:)

I’ve been a busy bee trying to tie up everything up here in Phoenix. Seeing my home all packed up is strange. The walls look so bare! It’s temporary…I have wonderful people moving into my home and I will be settled into my new place in Santa Monica in no time. I feel blessed and I have a lot to look forward to. The thought of gazing out into the ocean and smelling the wonderful air makes me happy beyond measure. I AM looking forward to that! Ahh

And I’m going to the music hub of the nation…I get so excited by the thought of seeing shows and encountering new artists! So, I’m obsessed with Fanfarlo, lately! But, I’ve mentioned them in previous posts, soooo….here’s another one for you: Fat Freddy’s Drop. They’re full of soul/reggae vibes…check out the song: Ray Ray – Another favorite: The XX – Really, the whole albulm is fabulous! Check them out!!

I’ll be bringing a plethora of aromatherapy for the car and for my new place. I think I’ll start with the Uplifting Room Spray Wait for the video seeing me in action using the products and explaining their multiple uses!!

“Thank you” to all of you. It’s been heartbreaking saying “see you soon” to so many of you and I appreciate your love, support, encouragement, and words. This change is not easy for me and most days lately I’m crying because I hate the thought of leaving my loved ones and all you wonderful people that support me, but I know I am following my heart & dreams with this move, and only good can come from this decision  Please stay in touch…I NEED to hear from all of you!!

With much love and a heavy heart,
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