I've landed safely...

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Well, I’m alive! I’ve landed safely in Santa Monica and am settled in to my new place (thanks to my friend Joy who has been so helpful in getting things unpacked and organized!!). Check out the videos of our trip out here:

My brother was instrumental in getting me moved out to SM. He helped packed up the Uhaul, drove the Uhaul, unpacked the Uhaul once more (ha!). Seriously, thank you Andy and all my wonderful and supportive friends and family that made this transition a bit easier for me:)

So the house is GREAT! I love waking up each morning to gorgeous weather and the smell of all the wonderful flowers. Oh, and did I mention the ocean???? Yeah, it’s not bad…not bad at all living here. Ha! I’ve met all my neighbors and each day, meet someone new. I love the community and look forward to exploring and getting more enmeshed with the area and people. I realize that I am going to have my “off” days too. This is a big change for me, but with every fiber of my being, I know I made the right decision. I’m excited to see what is next!!

Oh, and guess what??? I was invited to do readings at the Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice!! It’s my favorite bookstore in the area. I can spend hours there and the energy is amazing. I was “manifesting” being part of what they created, and on Sunday, on my way out to California, I received a call from them to come in for an interview. I’m starting tonight!! It’s First Friday on Abbott Kinney (my favorite event!!) and they’ve asked me to be part of the festivities. Can’t wait!! Look them up at www.mysticjourneybookstore.com

Now – let’s get to it! MUSIC!! I have to say…the radio stations here are like no other. I’m in heaven!! I’ve been listening to KCRW every morning. It’s NPR (news radio) and then at 9-11am it turns to “mornings eclectic” where they play a mix of new and existing artists. It’s AMAZING!! I’m looking forward to downloading the latest Kate Nash Album…you can check her out at www.myspace.com/katenashmusic

So that is it for now…I will check in with you in a bit. I have a Tip to write for May!! I’ve been diffusing my Light Chakra Spray throughout the house and using my Uplifting Facial Body Spray daily…ahh…I’m happy:)

Miss and love you all!! Please stay in touch and let me know how you’re doing!!

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