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So living in LA, I’ve had to adjust to a few things. Here is my “list” for your entertainment.

1. No talking on the cell while driving – multiple times now, I have been talking on the phone, mid sentence and all of a sudden say to the person I’m talking to”Oh shoot, I have to go!!” At first, I’m sure the person on the other end of the line is like “what the heck???” and perhaps thinks there is something wrong, which causes another problem because I have to call them back and tell them I can only talk on speaker phone or with an ear piece (which always happens to be buried in my bag, in an impossible to find area) and by calling them back (on speaker phone), I am creating more drama by yelling at them through speaker phone, making it impossible to have a normal conversation…speaker phone is conducive to driving, but not conversation. Ha!

2. Hot showers = Fire Alarm sounding – it is absolutely frightening to be in a zen like state, under the flow of a cozy stream of hot water, and jolted out of this state with the sound of a fire alarm!! Gratefully, the fire alarm in my apartment is very, very sensitive, but when it comes to showering…the last thing I want to do is be startled, # 1 (!) and #2, have to leap out of the shower to climb up on a chair to get to the alarm to shut it off. Ugh…I think I’ve learned this lesson..funny, yes! I do crack up every time this happens because I get so shaken by it all! Ha!

3. Parking – not having an “assigned” parking spot, makes learning the parking system in the area, a very important task to learn. You see, each street has some sort of restriction “no parking Wednesdays 1-3pm, no parking Tuesday 12-2pm…etc, etc. etc. Tickets are $61.00, so if you don’t learn the system quick, you might be paying up some hefty fines. One ticket, learned the system, and gonna follow the rules. Ha!

4. Bikes – Great way to get around. People are cruising around on their bikes at every corner. They even have a bike valet at the Farmers Market on Main Street! It’s awesome…definitely a highlight of living in the area.

5. Chat ups – people are friendly, despite what “people” say about the people of LA. Everywhere I go, I meet someone new and they are always so nice, helpful, and kind. This is one of the reasons I’m here (aside from the ocean, weather, diversity, lifestyle, etc.:)). So don’t believe what you hear. The people are GREAT!

6. Farmers Markets – Shop for the week, not for weeks. It is so hard to resist all the gorgeous produce at the Farmers Markets. Tons of organic products and everything is so incredibly affordable. I learned though, that I must buy only what I can use for the week. On my first visit, I could hardly carry all the produce home. My brother shared his backpack with me and sent me home on a bike, because he didn’t want me to walk several blocks with what I had in my hands. Ha! Lesson learned…and I did manage to use almost everything, but I had to get a bit creative (roasting, julienned salads, etc.). Shop for the week…not for weeks. Got it!

7. Freeways – timing is everything and if you can stay in town, stay in town. Something that is 10 miles away can take 40 minutes if you hit rush hour traffic. 405 = long, long, drive:) We all know this, right???

8. Fashion – anything goes here and I love it! Aviators are back with a vengeance..sad, because those were going to be my new purchase, but I’m not for following the gang. I will say, they look darn good, though. Maybe I’ll suck it up. I passed by a guy wearing the glasses I currently have and he said “love the glasses…now all you need is a Harley.” He was flirting with me, that was apparent, but the whole Harley comment got me thinking…”what do these glasses look like – terminator esq?? ” Ha! Also “in” here: scarves (perfect as I have many), gladiator shoes, torn jeans…and an overall look of “i don’t really care what I look like, but check out my awesome bag!!” I do like the diversity, individualism and creativity. Another reason why I am here. I’ve never been one to conform…living here, I feel I can dress however I want and be more creative with that:) So today I am wearing a fuscha tutu, gold shoes and a white leotard – just kidding! But I COULD!!!

9. Celebrities – yes, they are everywhere. I have never been one to follow them, read the gossip mags, etc…people are people in my mind. We are all equal and we all deserve our privacy. But I do appreciate many of them and their abilities/work, and it is fun to see them here and there. I often have to catch myself when I recognize a celebrity…I almost do a little double take, like when you see someone you know, but you don’t know them. You know?? Ha! I saw Eric Dane and thought it was my brother!! Ha! Did a double take and almost said, “Andrew, what are you doing over here so early??” and then I recognized that it was Eric and not my brother and pretended like I didn’t see him or even know that he existed (all while quietly observing him carrying out his coffee and goodies). Ha! And just so you know…I will never reveal who I do readings for, no matter how famous…so sorry, no gossip or further scoop here. You’ll have to pick up and Us magazine for that. Ha!

Last, but not least, my favorite!!

10. Music – what can I say…there is no better place for music. This is the music hub. Any day of the week you have the ability to see a show, whether a new artist or an ultra successful one. Musicians come to LA to record, get signed, live, preform…I AM in heaven. Now, the sad thing is, I have not seen a show in the last two weeks I’ve been here. Kate Nash just played last Tuesday (missed her..boo hoo!) and Minus the Bear, Jack Johnson (free concert on the Santa Monica Pier) and Angus & Julia Stone are coming up this weekend/next week. Fun, fun!! So many shows. I’ve looked at my calender for June and I feel I am going to have to make some decisions…some very tough decisions..

Decided on one last night….Jack Johnson:) Here we are on the beach…no shot of Jack, though; he wasn’t on yet:(

That is it for now my friends. Just a little glimpse into life in LA…

Sending many wishes & much love your way!


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