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Happy February!!! Oh, la la. The month of love. C’est magnifique!

I contemplated what to write about this month, but after watching documentaries on Gerhard Richter and The Human Experience, I was inspired to talk about a theme that has been weaving in and out of my consciousness and that is “What is sacred?”
What is sacred to you? What does the word sacred mean to you? When I think about Saint Valentine’s Day, I think about all the reasons we have to love one another every day. Expressions of love should expand beyond Valentine’s Day and ooze into every waking day.

What is sacred to me? The list is so long, but I will say, what is most sacred are my relationships. I do not take anyone for granted. I do not pretend that people will be there tomorrow. Each moment is sacred with the people I love.

Beyond this, what is sacred to me is my work. Everything I create is from my heart and a deeply spiritually connected place within me. My product line, perfumes,manifestation beads, art, writing and readings all stem from a place of love and a sincere desire to support, help and empower everyone that I come in contact with. The sacredness of this is beyond explanation.

What is sacred to you? Do you value what is sacred to your loved ones? Do you nurture and cherish them? If not, can you begin to?
Sometimes when we are caught up in managing our lives we forget to appreciate the people in our immediate circle. You may take your partner, or friends for granted. After a long day, you may take your frustration out on your loved ones; maybe you’re neglecting yourself, too. Pay attention to what is sacred to you and begin to cherish and nurture those things. I assure you, it will be worth it.
The universe responds to those who choose love over everything. Our attitudes and language play a big role in what we attract. When we choose to operate from the space of respect and love — doors and hearts open. What about trying a test this month and consciously choose words of love, even when you want to scream and yell? Can you rise above and choose to love, respect and accept? Can you preserve and protect those things that are sacred to you?

“The last of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitudes.” Viktor Frankl

Saint Valentine

I’m going to make a conscious effort this month to elevate my life by choosing to love – even when I’m hurt, tired and misunderstood… I will choose to love. I will do my best to nurture and cherish everyone I love and uplift anyone I encounter. Do you think you want try it? I bet you’ll like the results. 

Here’s a little music to get you going:

Saint Valentine 2

In honor of Saint Valentine, I’d like to recommend Amour Eternal – Parfum by Life Aromatherapy (yours truly) and my 4th Chakra Spray – Love. Ohhh, you’re going to smell so good. Be careful! People might attack you (I’ve contemplated putting a warning sign on my fragrances. Haha! —spray a little and get a tickle. Heavy with the spray, you won’t be able to keep them away. Ha!). Okay, enough with the jokes. Promise. 

Ahh, love. Isn’t it why we’re all here? To learn about it. Expand our ability to love. To cherish it? Love is a sacred thing. Our ability to love is one of the greatest gifts we have as humans. To some degree, behind all our actions is the desire to be loved. Even those that are more materially motivated and deep down searching for love and approval. Behind everything and in everyone, is love. I think that is pretty sacred. Don’t you think?

I’m wishing you a wonderful month full of all those things that bring you joy. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Oh, and to my guy, sis, sis-in-law and great friend, Happy Birthday!! MWAH!!

Love, love, love!

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