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I have a tribe of gypsy friends/family. One of my sisters is part of the tribe, as are four of my friends. I recognized them immediately. I have a large network of special friends that I share wonderful bonds with and will forever be my extended family, but the gypsies I’ve traveled with for lifetimes and I know that we’ve united for a higher purpose. For being a gypsy is a whole other way of living and not everyone knows what to do with a gypsy. 


I encounter other gypsy “acquaintances” occasionally that I instantly want to bond with. Like vampires, the gypsy in me recognizes them through my higher senses.The kinship that gypsies share is due to an understanding about freedom, expression and a non-conventional way of living. Gypsies are also highly aware and intuitive, for as travelers, they used their wit and instincts to survive and provide for themselves. They relied upon their community wherever they journeyed. When you share deep bonds with your community, if forms a foundation to be anywhere in the world knowing you always have your tribe. That’s the misconception about gypsies–that we’re non-committal. We commit to our community; to justice; to expression and to each other. For when we love, the love is everlasting. Freedom and trust lies in the connection as does a spiritual energy, and when we have this support, anything is possible.


I’m a gypsy, but know that I don’t need to roam this lifetime. My gypsy friends are the same. We’ve connect to support each other in planting roots. We’ve needed freedom so that we can touch more people, but knowing that eventually, we all want to settle down and nest after our work is done.

That is the struggle with gypsies – often, planting roots takes time. Our roles are to spread wisdom, love, support and light through our work. We have to weigh our responsibly so that we can have more space to reach more people. Often gypsies don’t truly settle until later in life. This can be painful, but also incredibly fulfilling…it’s all how you understand the calling.

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As much as my heart wants to slow down and settle, my gypsy spirit knows that I have more to do with my work. I’ve had to learn patience. So has my gypsy tribe. Through lifetimes of surviving off our gifts, we’ve learned to be tenacious, resourceful and faithful. Tools I use EVERY, SINGLE, DAY. No matter what, we know how to survive. We will always take care of each other and do the work necessary to share our talents and bring light to the world.

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Here is my gypsy advice this month: Follow your dreams. Share your gifts. Make your focus about service. It’s important that we support each other and form a global tribe to uplift and support each other in our work, whatever that may be. I hear many people say “I’m not creative. I don’t have anything to offer. I’m not talented. There’s too much competition.” There is room for us all. Our focus may be different due to our responsibilities, but each role we play is valuable. If you have the space to explore your talents and build them, please do it! And if you’re in your craft, please share it!

I’m grateful for my gypsy friends. Maybe it’s because we’re all so similar. There’s an intuitive understanding. Everyone wants to feel loved and accepted, right? BUT, not everyone understands a gypsy. Oh, and, NEVER I mean, never (!), try to hold them down.

They’ll shoot you to the stars!


Black Gypsy :)


Black Gypsy 

Black Gypsy
In honor of my gypsy tribe, I’d like to recommend Bohemien Blanc (White Gypsy – dances in the light-allure) and Bohemien Sombre (dances in the dark-mystery). Two of my favorite fragrances from my high-end line of natural perfumes.

White Gypsy

White Gypsy had a little Rose and Frankincense and Black Gypsy has a little Amber and Rosewood. Both have close to a dozen essential oils in the formula and all are very, very enticing. You know we gypsies like to lure people in to our worlds.

White Gypsy
Here’s a little gypsy folk music to boot!

dancing gypsy

Happy March everyone. I hope this month is a great one for you. Bring out your inner gypsy. Start exploring. Share your gifts. Form a tribe, a community and support all you meet!  I have to go dance now.


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