How to Tame a Dragon

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Welcome spring!

I always feel a sense of joy and deeper appreciation for nature in the months of spring. Here in Santa Monica everything is in bloom, in energy, too!

Lately I’ve been reminded of innocence and what a beautiful thing that is. I see the innocence and light in children. They contain such joy and I feel it when I’m met with their curious eyes and delightful smiles. They bring out my playfulness. They light up my heart. They remind me of all that is good and sacred in life and how important it is to be present and in tune with their needs, for the smallest thing can wound them.

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I feel we all have a childlike innocence, some people more than others. I see the weight that some adults carry and I see with that, how they have lost their light and innocence. Some people carry wounds from childhood and adulthood and have a lot of healing to do. Some have overwhelming responsibilities and therefore, their behavior carries a vibration of frustration and tension…any little thing sets them off. When I encounter these people, I try to help them remember their light. It’s easy to encourage and remind, but some, I feel are like fire breathing dragons. You have to be careful with your words and tone – the dragon will breathe fire if it feels it’s being threatened or questioned. Not everyone is ready to see the work they have to do. Not everyone thinks being light and joy-filled is a good thing. It might be an unrealistic, unobtainable fantasy.

I understand, I’ve breathed fire with a person or two when I’ve felt like I’ve been disrespected. This is what I want to focus on…how to tame your inner dragon.

The key to all of this, I feel, is to establish healthy boundaries. Sometimes boundaries are absolutely necessary. Just like parents have teach boundaries to their children (well, some do), we have to do the same with certain people in our lives. Before we can do this though, we have to understand what our boundaries are. That can involve some inner reflection and self-work which can take some time.

Once we have them down, it’s natural to breathe fire when someone crosses them. It’s a protective mechanism. If you have a level of awareness and self-respect, you’re not going to appreciate it when someone crosses your boundaries. You would think the bawl would cause a person to stop, listen and respect our wishes, but what I’ve noticed with breathing fire (getting angry) is that it does no good. It only hurts us and the other person. It’s not an effective way to communicate our needs. There is no way a person can hear you when you are screaming unless they are a well-trained student in deep listening. It takes a lot of life experience and empathy to understand why a person would get angry. I feel that anger is always a manifestation of a wound that has yet to be healed. There is a deep place within that person been hurt at some point in their lives and therefor they won’t tolerate being treated a certain way.


Sometimes we walk in light. It shines through us. All we touch is warmed and brightened. Sometimes, we are the sun.” -W. Spirit
Now with all this, I feel that when we remain light, graceful and embody an innocent attitude, we can gently communicate our needs and what we are comfortable with in relationships and elsewhere in our lives. We can truthfully communicate what hurts us. When we feel like someone is being disrespectful or dishonest, we can communicate with grace and consciousness and try to understand why they are behaving the way they are. We don’t have to accept bad behavior and we can keep our boundaries intact, but we can do it gently.

This month I ask that we do some spring cleaning and clear out anything that is no longer serving you. Bring back you innocence and lighten your load. Communicate gracefully. Keep your boundaries with people and when they cross them, state your needs, hurt and whatever else you need to share. Know that you can make a choice to leave when you feel disrespected. We have to preserve our light and innocence. It’s our life force energy. And, trust that we will always get the love from the people that recognize and cherish the light in us. Believe it!

To help woo your dragon, I’d like to recommend my Light Chakra Spray. I call it fairy dust.  It will tame anything and anyone. Ha!

Here’s a little music to help you with the process, as well!

I’m wishing you all a wonderful month. I hope that you find the light within and share it will the world.

Much love,

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