Thank Your Lucky Stars (I'll thank mine, too!)

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Welcome to June. I’m sorry I missed May’s post and hope that this post makes up or it!

Let me just start by saying this: I’ve missed you. 

Last month was an emotionally challenging month for many. I felt like I was cocooned in an intense energy and could feel the weight of the burdens of the world. I see my sensitivity as a blessing, but during times of intense energy like last month and the months prior, being sensitive can be, in a nutshell, not so fun. 

I noticed last month, many people dealing with myriad challenges and grief (myself included). I prayed that it would end for us all, even though I knew in my heart that it was all purposeful.

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Through it all, I could see past peoples immediate circumstance and saw and felt something more magnificent — an abundance of love and a depth of understanding. I could clearly see the lessons people were learning and how ultimately, they were being stretched so that they could make room for new energy and a deeper understanding about love. It was a clearing and an awakening. As tough as it was, I’m grateful for it and hope as you all reflect on the last several weeks you will see the blessings in it all.

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What I know about these times of challenge is this: It is divine and purposeful. We are being stretched so that our hearts can let more light and love in. We are only given that which we can handle. If we learn to move through grief and challenges and allow the emotions to come up, the next time these things come around, we will be better prepared and hopefully, have a different perspective about how to work though these things. Grief is never easy, but sometimes people don’t allow themselves to feel, let alone truly grieve.

They sometimes turn to behaviors, outlets and develop unhealthy addictions to cope. And you know what, I’m sure temporarily, these things help to distract and numb, but the pain will still be there until you deal with it head on. The only way to clear it, it to dive straight in, let it move through you and let it out. It’s not as scary as it seems. It’s not fun, but it will free you, ultimately.

When we ask the Universe for help, it hears the call and it will wipe out anything that is no longer serving you. It’s the holding on that creates the suffering. So, my advice this month is to LET GO. Just STOP IT. Stop stuffing emotions. Stop the negative self-talk. Stop the fears. Stop limiting yourself. Stop forcing things. Stop controlling. LET IT ALL GO and LET IT ALL FLOW THROUGH and FLOAT. Be FREE.

This may be a hard concept for people to grasp. We so often want to be in control and hold on. What I learned in the last few months is this: I can take action with my goals. I can follow my heart and truth. I can support people in their lives and hold space for their choices. But, after this, I can let go and TRUST. I can trust that there are higher forces working in my favor (our favor) and that we don’t need to hold on too tightly. For if we do, there isn’t enough room to let the really, REALLY good stuff in. The MAGIC.

I’m ready for the magic. Are you??I challenge you to completely surrender and allow things to flow this month. This does not mean be passive and apathetic. I mean, take action when you feel it. Follow  your heart and truth, but once you take action, let it go. Trust. Don’t force things to happen. The best things in life take time. I’m realizing that big time. Start by letting go of fears and being to follow your heart and where it pulls you. As simple as that is, the heart IS truth. It is the source of your intuition and the well of your knowing and ‘being’. Follow your heart in every area of your life and then let go, float. I think you’re going to see a lot of beautiful, magical gifts if you do. 

Here’s a little music for you. We can’t go without it, right??

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I have some exciting news. Lot’s of juicy news. Wink, wink. But, for your ears only, I have this: My new website will be launching, soon! I will be unfortunately, saying goodbye to Blogspot, but you will be able to read my monthly blog, purchase products from the Life Aromatherapy line, schedule intuitive readings, request a custom perfume…it’ll all be in one place for you! Yay!! Finally! You’ll be the first to know when it happen. The other juicy stuff will come later. Oooh, you’re gonna likey!

Sending you all love. I’m gonna let this month bring me all that I desire and allow it in without doing too much manifesting. Hope you join me!

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