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Have you experienced an undercurrent of fear, anxiety over the last few days? Feeling a little “off,” ungrounded, floaty? We can thank the high vibrational effects of the Lions Gate portal that occurs today. This energy has been building over the last several days and will conclude by August 13th. This is not a negative energy, however unfortunately, it may cause people to lash out and feel unsettled. .
When we clear denser vibrational energy (toxic or repressed emotions, grief, negative thinking/behaviors) there is a process. All of our shadow energies will surface for healing. For the divine wants us to love unconditionally. If we don’t have the tools to ground and manage our emotions in a healthy way, we may act out, lash out.
This energy gives us the opportunity to reach for the heavens and receive the divine love that is there for us. It is an opportunity for deep healing, transformation-alignment with our soul purpose, intuition and love energy.❤

This energy is influenced by Leo - powerful Lion 🦁energy and also the star Sirius which rules Cancer. Cancer is emotional and needs security. You may be feeling the need to take charge, clear things up, claim what is yours, start something new, move, end all that isn’t serving you - completely form a new path. Honor this energy but do so mindfully. It will absolutely push you into taking chances.Remember to check in on your loved ones and friends during this shift as they may be going through transitions,healing and may need your support. .
I’ve been spending time getting grounded through meditation 🧘‍♀️ (join me @unplugmeditation Wed + Sundays) and using my Grouding 1st Chakra Spray + 7th Chakra Spray.🌈This is a great time to get a massage, practice breathing techniques to calm any anxiety. I’m available for readings should you need support. Email to schedule.

It’s a powerful time. Our vibrations are shifting.There is an uprising in consciousness, things are changing for the better...because we are powerful beings with the capacity to come together, support each other in elevating our lives through our truth, love and light.✨
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