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I wrote this post many years back. As I was organizing my writing the other evening, I came across a selection of my old blog posts.

Over the next while, I'll be reposting some of my favorite blogs. The one below in particular makes me laugh. My older sister recently visited my other sister, who lives in NYC, over Halloween. I am often back in NYC visiting them this time of year - I missed this one due to projects. In my mind and heart I was there When I read this post it brought back memories of many laughs with family. The memories of my NYC visits with my sis, nephew and brother-in-law are some of my favorites. Here yah go!

Yeah, I’ve totally lost it. I’m loosing my marbles (what does that expression mean by the way???). If we are destined to lose our marbles - how many do we get to start with?? I’m worried. :)

I was thinking the other day about something that happened while I was visiting my sister in NYC. We were getting ready to step into the elevator in her building; as my sister opened the door to get in (it’s an old, old elevator – seriously, I think there was a man with a pulley harnessing us up and down the shoot), I heard her say “Oh, oh, OH!! You going down to the basement? You go ahead!! We’ll wait for it to come up.” Now, I could only see a sliver of the woman she was talking to. She was a bit in her years, probably mid 80’s, hair a bit crazy, but that is all I could see... I had no idea why my sister didn’t want to get in the elevator with her?

As my sister and I were waiting for the little pulley man to bring up the elevator (haha), she turned to me and quietly said “she wasn’t wearing any pants!” “SAY WHAT????” I replied. “No, really, she wasn’t wearing any pants!!” said my sis. OMG! Underwear was present, but no pants!! I HAD to see for myself, but at the same time I DIDN’T want to see!


The elevator arrived, we stepped in, I saw it all. The woman was standing there in her tee shirt, her crazy hair and no pants! My heart broke. I was half laughing, half crying inside. I wanted to help her…or someone(!) to help her find those darn pants!

We carried on. I have to admit more than once that day, I cracked up thinking about the whole “situation” and at the same time, felt terribly sad for the woman. I wondered if she had anyone that looked after her and if she’d often left the house with no pants.

Surprisingly -- we encountered her later that afternoon outside my sisters building, dressed in a PANT SUIT (HUH?) and smoking!!! “Ok” I thought to myself. How could this woman, one minute be pant-less, crazy-haired and the next all dolled-up and smoking outside as if she was never in the elevator, hanging out in just her skinnies??

Maybe she’s a little nutty, or perhaps a bit senile (awe, I really hope not) or maybe she just doesn’t care! And if she doesn’t, then I LOVE her and think she is a crazy superfreak!!

The moral (if there is one) of this story is this: I’m a bit loopy, too! We all can be “nutty” at times…and I love that! We are emotional beings. It is impossible to be continually “normal” (whatever that is). I believe when we truly feel comfortable with who we are, we are less likely to be concerned about what others think of us. We are no longer affected by others or afraid to show our true selves -- even our “nutty, crazy, freaky” self.

I’m a superfreak and I like it. I try to be an example and support others with my work, but I love that I am emotional being and I love that I can be super goofy, super sensitive, and super okay with all facets of myself. There are days when I literally lose my marbles and am a bit coo-coo and I like it. Now, granted, I’m not leaving home without my pants and with crazy-hair (thank goodness!), but there are days when I want to go to the store in my pajamas (which, by the way my mom thinks are dresses!!), and not put any effort in to being anything other then my natural self.
Subliminal insert here: If you use the Life Aromatherapy skin care, body products and natural perfume line, you will always smell and look good regardless of you having no make-up, no pants, or pajamas on. People will be so caught up in trying to figure out what that “amazing smell is” and how you got that “glow” and will not notice your crazy hair, lack of proper clothing, etc.  So, you better get some product now, superfreaks out there! 

Okay – I have to stop, because this blog is going nowhere at this point. Moral to the story:

Keep your pants on, be crazy every now and again and love who you are, always!


What I'm into these days:

-Feeling sorry for myself (hahahaha)

-New Favorite Show: The Righteous Gemstones

-Music on repeat: There's a Key - M.Ward / Big Blue - Vampire Weekend

-Scent this week: High Life - Indica

That is it for now! Looking forward to hearing from you soon and remember….superfreaky is not geeky, but shee-kay:)

Sending tons of love,


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