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One of my new favorite shows is The Righteous Gemstones. Danny McBride, who created the show has won me over. Now, now - Larry David and Zach Galifianakis will always hold my heart, but Danny is shaking things up. If you haven’t seen this show on HBO, put it on your list! It’s been out for awhile (I’m late writing this post that I started months ago)!

With many of my favorite shows, I pretend that I’m one of the characters, living out sketches from the show. For instance, I’ve had many “Curb Your Enthusiasm” scenarios – in fact I had one just the other day (or months ago as I mentioned I’m late getting back to this blog…just roll with me okay?)

Wanna hear about it?? You’re going to anyway.

I went to my local health food store. I pulled into a spot in what is a VERY tiny lot, in the only available spot. I contemplated pulling into the space as the person to the right had parked their car diagonally in this vertical spot! Not intentionally.

I carefully pulled in thinking “what am I doing??” Although I persisted, because I’m crazy!

Anyway, I’m in the spot.

I start to panic immediately playing out in my mind every worst-case scenario – one being imagining this person backing out of the space while scraping off the entire side of my car!

As a preventive measure I come up with the idea to take a photo of the person’s license plate just in case anything happens (I wish I could use the hands over the head emoji here). Smart right? Wink.

Just as I’m taking the photo I hear “everything alright??”


It’s the owner of the car. I’m standing there looking at him with a stunned stare for a good few seconds. When I wake up, I immediately apologize profusely for taking a photo of his license plate! I explained that I was being cautious and a little (or a LOT) OCD. I didn’t have the courage to say, “Excuse me? Did you realize these are vertical spots? And can I help YOUUU??” Hahaha.

He was cool about it – waaaay cool. I felt like a stalker, uptight, A-hole. Anyway, I know Larry David would have said something to him about his parking. Inevitably, an argument would have ensued! In my mind I played the whole thing out picturing Larry's hand jesters, yelling at the guy, while trying to get out of the space.

I caved and it's all good. There is no point to this story.

All in all, he said “What you did was smart. Don’t be sorry.”

Awe, now that’s sweet. See? Some things can be resolved peacefully. I like it that way.

I also love Larry David and will forever try to be him…if only in my mind.


Listen ya’ll – I have stories for daaayzzz.

Now getting back to me (haha) and the Righteous Gemstones…

I was thinking the other day about righteousness and judgement. Why? Well, why not?

Sometimes I catch myself. I can be righteous - at least I think I can. I’m a dork goody goody. It feels good to do the right thing. I don’t think I’m “all that” or better than anyone - even though I am. (caught yah...kidding again!) I am, however, let down when people are unconscious of their behaviors. I have this mechanism inside that I’ve had to tame awhile back when I wanted things to be a certain way. I want things to be peaceful and assist people in being more aware and considerate.  My higher self says – don’t judge or it’s not your job to correct or lecture people.I've learned over the years to try not to take anything personally. However, I'm a very sensitive person, sometimes I am disappointed and I want things to be different (*disclaimer* - I am generally speaking here. Most all people are wonderful, especially in my little world of family and friends. They are the loveliest, considerate, inspiring people that I know.).

The thing is - I realize that my righteous is what I used to protect me from having to engage with certain people. If I observed something I didn’t like or felt a weird energy, my go to was to shut down, disengage. I still do this, but in a more subtle, loving way. Never with the intention to judge or make anyone feel bad.

I promise there is a point to all of this…

The thing is – I think righteousness is okay. Especially, when it's coming from a place of love and genuine regard for other people. If we didn’t have parent’s, mentors, teachers, coaches, brothers, sisters, friends to hold us accountable when we needed it most, what would we do? Not everyone is built with a mechanism inside to know better. We sometimes have other layers that cloud our perceptions and decision making - especially when we are overly emotional, ungrounded, or simply not taking good care of ourselves.

We need each other. We need standards to aspire to. We need mirrors to say “I don’t think you should do that. Or, is that the best path for you?” – you get what I’m saying?? We are all learning every day. We learn from the wise, the experienced. We all need this wisdom. There is always something to learn. Some of us are born with it, some of us learn through each other and in life.

I think having a set of morals and values for yourself is important. I was blessed to have great parents that instilled and demonstrated a certain way of living and "being". I'm grateful for that. I'm also grateful for the compass within me, my intuition, that always guides me in the right direction. I've always known what felt wrong and what felt right - for me.

Our set of morals and values may be different from one another – and that’s okay. We can hold ourselves accountable to our own values and we can impart our wisdom when asked, but we cannot expect others to agree with us. Universally, I believe there are spiritual laws that we all aspire to – one simply being: to be kind and respectful to others.

We have to give each other the space to explore what resonates within our hearts. I believe that doing good, making positive choices equates to a happy, fulfilling life. As simple as that may be, it’s sometimes easier said than done.

I want to be a Righteous Gemstone – shining light on others, creating subtle openings in hearts and minds though love. That’s not so bad, right? I kinda like that I want us all to be the best we can be. Wanna come on this journey with me?

Here is a little music for you to get you motivated:

You're Not Alone - Mavis Staples + Jeff Tweedy


4th Chakra Love

The 4TH CHAKRA is located in chest and upper back region. It is associated with: self-love, the ability to connect, receive and love others and ourselves.


My dear friend Joy at Communion by Joy Fine is a true artist. Her creations are divine. She is a beautiful channel of light energy. I wear her pieces daily and feel the love and specialty energy in every piece. I have my eye on this particular piece: Take a peek at her creations. Gorgeousness! JOURNEY SHIELD RING








I'm going to work on being a GEM. I true light that reflects back to you all the goodness that I see. As part of this process, I'm going to TRY to commit to these blogs, provide a litter humor, some music and meaningful product recommendations and whatever else I can impart to help us all feel more connected to our higher self and each other.

*Last blurb – Uncut Gems by Josh and Benny Safdie starring Adam Sandler was such a fantastic film. Adam Sandler did an excellent job acting – everyone did. They all really should have been nominated for awards however strangely they didn’t get any recognition at the Golden Globes, SAG and soon to be Oscars?! Go see it so at least we can support these artists.

That’s it for now. Sending you all much love! Go be a GEM! Stay tuned for the next blog. I'll share some tips on diet, self-care, etc.


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