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Hello Lovelies:

I hope you are staying well and feeling good! I also hope you are staying in as much as possible. Ha!

My initial blog prior to “Covid” was to write about rituals for healthy living. Was I anticipating an event like this? Nope. I am still going to write about my rituals for healthy living – however, I will not only provide dustings of humor, I will add specific tools for this unique time in our lives.

The truth is everyone across the globe is affected by this. Not often in our lifetimes or lifetimes past (joke, but not really) have we experienced something quite like this. The power of a virus and its affect on us physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, financially, economically and socially. What a powerful thing. A virus that also happens to affect the lungs -- the center of our heart chakra.

I’ve seen already how quickly this virus has illuminated what is truly important. For me that is my beloved, family and friends. I am also thankful for my home and the luxury of affording food. I’ve never been one to take things for granted, but this circumstance truly brings things into focus.  

Living in Los Angeles, it seems at first people went into survival mode, then vacation mode  -thinking that staying 6 ft. away from one another still meant that you could gather with friends, lie on the beach, hike, gather in the parks...however we have about 4 million people in Los Angeles so prob not a good idea to gather in public places!

We’re not used to living this way, in isolation from one another. Isolation is keeping us safe and preventing us from spreading the virus to others.

Isolation offers the gift of solitude (or MADNESS) and a re-connection with our families, partners, children in a way that we don’t often get to experience. Love in the time of Covid. Yep. Perhaps this time is ultimately stretching our hearts in a way that is creating more empathy, gratitude for everything and awareness around what we deeply love?

I feel peaceful, aware. I’m creating in the quiet. I pray often. Prayers for me can be reading poetry while thinking of loved ones. Singing and sending the love out to those that are suffering. I joke around a lot when I can – even if my jokes are horrible, cook yummy dinners for my partner, connect joyfully with friends and family though FaceTime and Zoom. This time will pass. I’m embracing every moment.

”Just because you are happy it does not mean that the day is perfect but that you have looked beyond its imperfections.” – Bob Marley

This time is also exercising our resilience. May of us have lost jobs, had to worry about how to pay bills and manage through the crisis. Some of our favorite restaurants and shops are suffering. As comfortable as some of us might be, we still must acknowledge life is already different and our lives are not individual. We are a collective that need one other. Let’s fall in love with life again. There is so much to be thankful for --- and so much that has needed to change. My daily mantra is to focus on loving kindness. Simply being loving, bringing light where I can and simply trusting that we are all supported by spirit though this collective change.

Where are my tips on healthy living you ask?? Yes, I now remember the point to this blog. Ha! I’m stepping off this podium to bring you the tools I use daily for overall wellness -- tools that are coming in handy under the circumstances. Are you ready??

Here we go:

Tip #1: Eat chocolate chip cookies daily.

Tip #2: Eat more cookies

Tip #3: More cookies

(Oops, this was from the Cookie Monster – wrong blog).

Carrie’s Tips:

#1: Manage Stress

Stress depletes the immune system. It negatively affects our nervous system. It’s the worst thing you can do for your health. So, if you’re feeling afraid, here are some things you can do daily to release that energy:

Daily for 10-30 minutes sit, pray and breathe. Give yourself time to set intentions in the morning, to send love and light to family and friends and to connect with your intuition. For me, this sacred time helps me to feel grounding and centered. Walking is another form of meditation. I find walks in the afternoon from 30 minutes to an hour helps me feel connected to the world, nature and is ultimately very healing.

I mentioned walking, but I find that any daily exercise is essential to staying and feeling healthy. Get outside if you can (while keeping your distance from others).

Music helps to raise your vibration. I listen to music daily. I find it to be soothing and healing. It gets my creativity flowing too. Here are my music picks for the month:

Prelude - Cesar Franck/Arthur Rubinstein
Paul – Big Thief
Be My Witness - Bahamas

Puzzles, Word Games:
Puzzles and word games stimulate the mind and they help with focus. This time in our lives is a perfect time to focus on a puzzle. I challenge you to start one. Be aware of if, when you’re truly focused, any guidance or wisdom comes through. Sometimes when we are in this type of focused energy, we receive ideas and visions. It’s fun to experiment with. These are relaxing tools that help us focus yes, but ultimately assist us in getting our minds off things for a while.

#2 Good food:

Emotionally we may want to binge right now or eat comfort foods. Keep in mind that it’s okay to do this on occasion, however eating healthy is more important than ever. We need to keep our immune systems up. Bone broth or broth of any kind is great for the immune system. Limiting refined sugars is essential. Eating plenty of mineral dense foods like kale, spinach, broccoli, collard greens, beets, sweet potatoes, etc. is important. Limiting refined carbohydrates is also helpful. Good, clean protein is grounding and good for the nervous system. *I’m not a doctor or dietitian – these are things I do that I find to be helpful.

#3: Boost your immune system

Ginger, lemon honey tonic:
Blend/puree a palm size bunch of ginger, one lemon and one tablespoon of honey together. Store and use one tablespoon daily mixed with 1 cup hot water. Add more honey to taste. I add Rosemary for an extra boost. Ginger is antifungal, anti-inflammatory. Lemon is detoxifying. Honey is healing. Rosemary anti-inflammatory, nerve tonic.

Diffusing Clove and Frankincense essential oils:
These are my go-to oils for keeping the air in my environment clean. Clove is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and is helpful for the respiratory system. Frankincense is grounding and calming. It’s also helpful for sinus congestion and is antiseptic.

Using Natural Hand Sanitizer
I’ve been making natural hand sanitizer for myself, family and friends using POTENT essential oils. I have a limited supply available should you want them. Order here.

The sprays need to be concentrated if you do your own. The blend that I make has many more oils in it but here is a simple recipe if you would like to do your own.

2oz amber bottle
10 drops clove oil
10 drops frankincense
10 drops oregano
10 drops orange

Fill bottle halfway with 70% + alcohol and the rest water. Shake and use. Always wash your hands when you get home. This spray is meant to be used while out and about – when you don’t have the ability to wash your hands. For years I’ve used my chakra sprays for the same purpose as they are anti-bacterial and disinfectant.

Bring Spring Inside:
I have a room spray collection that hasn’t launched yet. All sprays are meant to bring the “outside” indoors. I’ve been using the Gardenia spray lately. It smells like spring. Such a refreshing scent. It immediately lifts my mood. Comes in an 8 oz trigger spray for $40.00. Choose from Floral, Herb, Campfire, Dirt (yes, dirt!!). I can’t wait to finish the packaging on these babes but in the meantime, they are available without if you would like to have them. Click on link to purchase.

Virtual Appointments:

Here are my resources for telemedicine, skin consultations and therapy. I am also available for readings and live/virtual personalized healings and meditations. Book through my website or send me an email at: carrie@lifearomatherapy.com

Virtual Health Consultations:

Brett Rabin, L.A.c., C.SMA

Holistic and sports recovery therapy. Brett is a wonderful healer. He’s so good, the San Diego Padres have him as their personal acupuncturist!

Encinitas, CA

Naturopathic Athlete
Natural Medicine
Dr. Ben Zorensky, ND

Dr. Ben is a wealth of knowledge. He’s personable and provides lifelong tools for wellness. He studied at Johns Hopkins University, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is humble, intelligent, intuitive and genuinely cares about his client’s health. He is now doing telemedicine!!
Email or call to book:

Dr. Laura Weeshoff, NMD
Natural Medicine

Dr. Weeshoff has been my doctor for almost 15 years! She’s incredible and has helped me balance my thyroid. I had developed Hashimoto’s 20 years ago. Thanks to her care and my own commitment to eating the right foods, my Hashimoto’s has been in remission for many years. Dr. Weeshoff does phone consultations. She specializes in woman’s health and is direct, wise and intuitive. I love how she balances her clinical knowledge with her holistic wisdom.

Skin Care:

Liberation Skin Care
Kristen Doutsas

She’s AHHHMAZING! No matter what your skin type, this lady will help your skin look radiant and healthy. She knows her stuff. I am thrilled she is doing virtual consultations. Her calendar is always booked out for months. I wish I could see her on every visit to AZ! It’s nice to know that this option is available.



Heidi Sonntag, LCSW, PLLC

Heidi is truly the best therapist I have ever encountered. If you are looking for support, I highly recommend her.

(480) 236-1432

That’s all for now folks. I’m sending you so much love. We will get through this. We will be stronger, more loving and connected as a result. I know it. Mwah! Carrie

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