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Whether we like it or not, our lives have changed. In my last post I wrote about “Love in the time of Covid.” We have gone through another month, many of us, self-isolating which is well, isolating. Many states have opened and we are in a “wait and see” mode of learning and trying to adapt to this new life. As an optimist I always like to see the silver lining in it all. I have had my days lately of feeling down at the end of the day, fatigued. I start the day optimistic, happy (imagine me holding a yellow rose, smiling and by the end of the day I’m holding a stem. Whaa whaa). Many of you, are having rough days too from what I hear. It’s okay. We are allowed to feel however we need to feel. We don’t have to be happy all the time. We just need some tools to get us back in balance and I want to help! I have some recommendations for you at the end of this blog.

Since writing this blog (I have a tendency to write and not pick up for days, weeks!!) we experienced the tragic killing of George Floyd. It triggered an outcry from the nation for justice when it comes to the treatment of black people in America. The protests across the nation have been powerful with thousands upon thousands advocating. The protests in the United States triggered protests around the world. It’s been truly amazing to see.  Already we are seeing slow reform  – yet this is just the beginning.

This time has offered the gift of a different kind of connection, or a “re-connection” of sorts with each other. Once again, the protests alone show who we are as a world. Most of us want to love and support one another. We want equality, fairness, safety, and opportunity. We want our world to be better. No class of people should be isolated from having these things.The reality though is many of us been buried in the responsibilities of what it takes to be in this world, many up against obstacle after obstacle, and financially struggling as well, to make it in this world. It has not been right for some time. That is now changing too - because it has to.

As we move into this new life, I feel we are rebuilding our value system. Some of us already have learned to live without the things we thought we needed. Some of us are also realizing what we need more of…and those things aren’t necessarily material.

Things may not as comfortable or convenient, but we are in this together.

Can we choose to see the silver lining, the gifts that arrive from this situation? Can we find ways to practice gratitude and find ways to collectively help one other? I believe in our brilliance, innovation, our capacity to love, create, expand, evolve, heal and collectively get through this. I believe in us.

I would also like to share that in the last couple months I’ve seen more rainbows then I’ve seen in years –and you know I’m always looking for them!! I’ve seen lady bugs, butterflies, flowers thriving, birds playing…It’s been intense, however the divine energy always comes through in unexpected ways. I don’t know what’s at the end of the rainbow, but my intuition tells me there are endless possibilities for all of us if we are able to imagine it.

Here are some tools to assist you in keeping your spirit high:

I find these tools to be supportive during times of stress and change.

AFFIRMATIONS: I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking. Affirmations are a form of “acting as if.” They are an everyday tool that can assist the brain in shifting old thought patterns that no longer serve you. They can also help to banish any negative, limiting thinking.

What is an affirmation? They are supportive, affirmative, uplifting words.

Here are some that I like to use for example: “I am loved. I am loving. I am kind. Everything works out for me. I trust that I am supported. All is well in my world, etc.”

Don’t you feel better already?

We may be thinking “I suck,” but if we choose loving words when we are feeling this way, our energetic body shifts in a positive way. I promise you!! So, to counteract “I suck” I would use the affirmation “I love myself just as I am. I am evolving every day.” Make sense?? I read, over 20+ years ago, a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. It empowered me and helped me understand that negative thinking or speaking only brings you more of that energy and it simply doesn’t feel good. I have to say though, changing these thoughts takes time and practice. Many of us have gotten used to being hard on ourselves and it might feel natural to go into negative thinking. Change takes practice and willingness. I recommend reading this book if you need some help. It will be worth your time.

PRAYERS: If you have conflict with someone, are feeling down, hopeless, overwhelmed - pray! Or, if you don’t want to pray, simply imagine light and love going to yourself and others. We can’t be in control of everything. There are higher forces at work that support us in life. We just need to ask for help and surrender a little. Prayer works. I’ve seen its powerful effects too many times.

MANTRAS: Mantras are vibrational chants that heal and balance our bodies. Sometimes when we take time to relax, we need a point of focus. Many of us don’t like to simply meditate and breathe. Our minds may be too active. Using a mantra or repeating an affirmation over and over, allows the mid brain and frontal lobe to quiet. We move into a twilight, peaceful state that is described as a blissful, regenerative space. That sounds pretty good, right?

There are great resources online for mantras. One that I love is: Om Mani Padme Hum. This mantra helps to purify thoughts within and creates union with the divine. It’s a cleansing mantra to help the beginners mind and awaken to the wisdom within. As I mentioned earlier, it’s often easy for us to go into negativity. Positivity is empowering. It’s not naive. It’s a practice.

Since we are focusing on tools for this new life, I’d like to recommend Lemon, Orange or Pine oils to relieve stress and uplift your outlook. The oils can be diffused or inhaled directly from a tissue or from the bottle. There are numerous studies on these oils and their benefits for depression, ADD, anxiety and stress. If you’ve had difficulty sleeping, then I would use Marjoram or Lavender at night. Apply undiluted to chest and the back of neck and inhale from palms.

Many of you know most all my products were created to help people feel better. They are elevated tools that have a physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic effect on the body. I would recommend wearing any of the fragrances from the line. The High Vibe collection is quite balancing – the Indica fragrance being the most grounding. I’d also recommend California Haze as it has a lot of Neroli with is very calming and uplifting on a cerebral level.

Of course we can’t forget about music!!

Through all of the changes these last few months and especially during the protests I kept hearing in my head the words to Stevie Wonders song: Heaven Help Us All The lyrics are powerful and Stevie always brings his light. I recommend listening to all Stevie’s songs on repeat in the coming days. I promise, he’ll make you feel better if all of this guidance doesn’t.


I’m available for readings should any of you need support and spiritual guidance. Book here.

Sending all my love always.

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