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Trust and reliability. It’s interesting, these words…they carry so much weight with me. Can I trust this? Can I rely on this person and trust that they have the best intentions for me in mind? Will they come through?

I’m so discerning and so, when I make a choice to trust and rely on a person, it carries a lot of weight with me. I am telling this person “hey, I really care about you. I care enough for you that I am willing to share with you and rely upon you when needed.” If you break my trust, well, we’re going to have some problems, so let’s just make this easy and don’t go there. Ha! As gentle and sweet as I may be, I can be defiant to no end! I believe when you trust someone, you allow yourself to be vulnerable with them and so much beauty can happen with that. Maybe that’s why I can’t fathom why anyone would want to break a bond like that. But, I realize people do, and it’s usually because they don’t have enough trust in themselves or haven’t learned to behave any other way.

Reliability is quite a bit different from trust. There are many people we might trust, but realize that they aren’t always the most dependable person in the world. It’s part of what you accept about a person or don’t. But when it comes to trust…well, I think you either trust someone or you don’t (as you get to know them, of course…this process doesn’t happen overnight).

As you get in touch with who you are, you can learn to filter out your “stuff” and conditioning and better decipher with whom you are willing to share and confide in. It is easy to project past hurts onto new people. Actually, I think it is pretty darn natural to do that, and probably takes a lot of self control to do otherwise:) I think when developing new friendships it is important to leave your past in the past, but that is easier said then done. If your trust has been broken in your history, you are most likely going to be a bit more scrutinizing in your friendships and relationships. Makes sense.

I’m fortunate to have close family members and friends that I can trust and rely upon. I will say though, with new people I meet, it takes me a little while for me to build my trust in them…even if I know they are an exceptional person. My intuition might say “you can absolutely trust and depend on this person,” but my intellect and past conditioning will warn me to be cautious and take my time to determine if I’m going to let this person in. I’m okay with this, because I know myself, and I have to do what I feel comfortable with. I hope you all do the same. We all deserve to have the best and have people in our lives that we can rely upon. Absolfrigginlootly! Ha ha!

So, just another shout out to say “watch your back!” ha ha. No really, please be open, be vulnerable, but be discerning, too. I expect the best and so should YOU! (A little rhyme for you!).

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Signing off now. Sending many wishes!

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