What the Pluck?

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Perhaps I’m being a bit naughty today:) I don’t swear (well, only on rare occasions when something really surprises me), so as an alternative to some commonly used swear words, I’ve come up with my own alternatives, such as:: “What the pluck! Oh, snap! What the fridge? Oh, frick!” I’ll share more as they come to me:) By the way, I realize that I didn’t come up with “Oh, snap!” Ha ha.

Some say that swear words are just words and only carry the energy we give them. I’m not sure if I totally agree with this. I think it depends on the context in which they are used. When I hear a friend say “oh, s–t. I forgot my keys.” I don’t give it a second thought. But, when I hear someone say “f..this and this f-ing sucks and everything is f..uped.” Well, for them, life is probably that way. With so much negativity going out, it’s no wonder why they are frustrated with what they are receiving in their lives.

Our thoughts create. Our words carry energy. I’m just sayin. Believe me; George Carlin (RIP), Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy wouldn’t be nearly as funny if they refrained from using every curse word under the sun. They’re intelligent with their humor, though. They use their words for effect and delivery and it totally works. But, look at Ellen DeGeneres. I hardly ever hear her use a bad word and she is hilarious! So, curse words can be used or not used to create effect. They can be just words, depending on the context, or they can bring negative energy, if used to express negative emotions or thinking patterns. Your choice.

Why is my blog about this today? Heck if I know. Ha ha! Just came to mind as I was sitting at my computer doing some work today. Something happened to me earlier and I thought to myself “what the pluck!” I started laughing reminiscing about a time when my sister and I used to say that to each other when something odd came up.

Raise your vibration and use attracting words! If you haven’t checked out this book, please do! You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay. When I read her book years ago, it struck a chord. She talks about how our thought patterns create harmony or dis-ease and how our thoughts create our circumstances. Might be worth checking out. She’s a smart lady:) Turned her affirmations into an empire: Hay House Publishing

Lift your vibration and use the Light Spray from the Life Chakra line. Ahh…so yummy! Has a little nutmeg in the formula. Reminds me of etherial things:)

Here is a great artist to listen to on a Sunday: Adele. She’s super popular, I know, but for those of you that haven’t heard of her, check her out. I like to listen to Etta James on Sundays, too. She’s classic.

Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend! Also, if you live in Phoenix and want some pampering, check out Kiki Estique. She’s a fabulous aesthetician and a good friend of mine. Just had a facial with her yesterday and my skin is glowing. She gave me a Blueberry Enzyme treatment. Smelled so delicious!

Sending lot of wishes your way! I’m out!



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