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Where do I begin?

I’ve noticed something last week: aggression, anger, angst. Loads and loads of it and all being “dumped” into the Universe, on me, on friends…everywhere.

I had a feeling that something had to be happening with the planets, as this kind of behavior cannot be a coincidence. My friend who is an astrologist informed me that Saturn recently moved into Aries (the sign of action) and people are typically “fiery” and aggressive when this occurs. Please make it stop.  Please, please, please. I knew it had to be something!!

Twice in the same week I’ve heard the same sentiments. “When people are around those individuals that are confident, authentic and full of light, it can be intimidating. Sometimes people don’t know how to behave or respond and it can evoke insecurities”

I feel these sentiments, agree and am sharing all of this with a light heart, as I know that when healing occurs, it’s not always pretty. When someone evokes our insecurities, it’s not comfortable. When we haven’t done the work on ourselves to even understand our feelings, insecurities, emotions, etc. it can be doubly frightening, and because we don’t understand it, we get angry, frustrated…and sometimes lash out.
This is what I’ve encountered lately. People lashing out! People that dislike themselves so much, that they want others to suffer. People that are so hurt, they want to hurt others:(

I have empathy for these people, but at the same time, wish they would look in the mirror, do some self-evaluation and heal all that they are harboring. People discount therapy, but lemme tell you, the wisest souls I know have gone to extensive therapy and are constantly “evaluating” there behavior, their effects on others and impact all together. They are some of the healthiest and insightful people I know.

I enjoyed reading something recently form Thich Nhat Hanh – Teachings on Love (WONDERFUL book!!!). He was talking about loving others and how when people do not love themselves, they suffer. To help others have more compassion, he said that we must “see how the person who has made you suffer has suffered and continues to suffer himself. You need to see what has led him to his current situation. People who suffer make those around them suffer. They may have been unlucky, never having the chance to be cared for and loved. Such persons have suffered from the time they were small children. They have been wronged and abused. Once you can see this, your heart will open.”

I couldn’t agree more. So much of our behavior is stemmed from our childhood. If we didn’t get the love we needed, or weren’t allowed to speak up, express ourselves, were abused, neglected, abandoned emotionally…it can leave some deep wounds that can take a lifetime to heal, if ever. I also believe that when we love and know who we are, we are less “affected” by others. We can have empathy, detach with love, support with love, but stay in our own space, uneffected by what other people say and do. I also believe that when you are in this space of love, you will attract people that mirror the same back to you. This journey IS all about LOVE, I believe.

I am grateful that I have intuitive abilities to see through the surface and understand where behaviors are coming from, but it doesn’t mean I accept poor behavior or will allow people to treat me badly. It just means that I understand, have empathy and respond according. Most of the time I try to see the person as a child. I see that they are acting out because they don’t know how to express their emotions in a healthy way…a more direct, loving and honest way.

So, there is my bit of “psychoanalysis” of what is going on “energetically” and “emotionally” with people lately. I feel that even as soon as today, things are getting lighter. But last week, more than once, I wanted to say “back the truck up!!” and “check it before you wreck it!” Haha! Seriously, though. Whew! It was an exhausting week! But again, a flood of positive, action oriented energy is on it’s way starting today. I can feel it!

So what’s new with all of you??  How you feeling?

Side note: I try to share information in my posts to offer inspiration. Most times I like to bring humor into what I share (well, I”attempt” to make you laugh), but sometimes I need to share a more direct message that is not always so”funny”…whah, whah:() I share what I feel because I want to empower people to be their most authentic selves. Life is not perfect. We are not perfect. My favorite phrase is “what IS perfect is imperfection.” I like that I am flawed, that’s what makes me “me.” I don’t want to be perfect. I want to be real and live from a place of truth. We are often so afraid to “say,” to “be” to show and share our true selves, and I’m here to encourage you all to do so!!  Are you hearing what I’m say’n??

I have to say that I am incredibly grateful for my family and friends. I feel that they are all so incredibly in-tune and I don’t have to explain a lot. They just understand. They know me…and it is an invaluable gift. Thank you to all of you that love and support me and my work. YOU inspire ME!

Now for something really serious…MUSIC!!! I’ve mentioned this artist before, I feel, but she is fantastic and has an incredibly strong voice, which I thought was appropriate for this post:) Check out Florence & the Machine. Favorite song: The Dog Days are Over http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sszAVSx4Wwo
What’s new! Perfume moving a long:) Our Chakra Sprays are now available at Mystic Journey Bookstore (www.mysticjourneybookstore.com) Yay!! Everything else is coming along and life in general is great. Feel really blessed.

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I’ll be posting my Tip on my page in a few days. Look for my “favorites” list. I have some good stuff to share!!

Sending love, love, love your way!!

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