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Hello my beautiful friends! Welcome to November!!

My goodness. I cannot tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to November!

Over the last while I’ve been telling people: “Wait until November; things will be better then and much easier.” I’m EXCITED about this month. Already, I feel the energy and am running through the gates of manifestation. BRING…IT…ON! Haha!

I’ll tell you, the last few months have been just, well, “okay.” (wink and a smirk). I’ve had blessings come my way which I’m so grateful for, but emotionally, I haven’t been feeling overly excited about too much. I’ve missed my family and friends back in Phoenix, resisted being in Los Angeles and have been so busy working and just coping, that I haven’t truly been living and enjoying. It’s taken a while to adjust, but I am proud of how I’ve dealt with the process, what I’ve accomplished so far, and feel in my heart that it is only going to get better. I know with big risks come big rewards (well, I hope that’s the case here. Haha!).
To summarize the above, I am happy to say… I’M BACK!! And as enthusiastic as ever! Something is in the air and I feel it with every fiber of my being.  Now, I cannot identify what the excitement is about, but I like the element of surprise that accompanies the energy I’m feeling, so we’ll all just have to wait and see what it’s about. 


(see…I’m dancing…it’s a start:)).

Now how are all of you feeling??? Come on, don’t be shy? You feeling a different energy going into November???

Of course there is a message in this post, (I cannot resist) so please open your ears, eye, hearts, minds…here it comes…

The message is this: ALLOW. Allow yourself to be exactly who you are in every moment. Do not filter, resist, shut down, hide. Allow yourself to live, grieve, laugh, cry, learn, cope, love, be afraid, be hopeful, be vulnerable…just allow it to happen. What I’ve learned from the transitions in my life is how to allow myself to be exactly how I need to be in the moment and always. I’ve allowed myself to be overwhelmed and to voice that to friends and family. I’ve allowed myself to be sad, to grieve being away from people I love. I’ve allowed myself the space to heal, grow and learn. I’ve allowed myself to love, to be open and to not feel like I need to be anything or anyone other than exactly who I am…as vulnerable and sensitive as that may be at times.

So often in my readings, relationships and interactions with people, I see resistance and how people attempt to protect themselves. I see how we as humans create blocks and limit ourselves. I see how we don’t “allow” ourselves to feel, to express our emotions, to love and to learn from an experience. Instead we force. We push. We contradict and stifle because we are afraid that if we shared our truth, we will be rejected…and worst of all, we won’t be loved.

Allowing in my mind is different from letting go. Allowing is a conscious decision, a permission we grant ourselves. “I will allow myself to let this go.” See what I’m saying?? Permission first (allowing), action to follow (letting go).

I’m “allowing” myself to have some fun. I’m working hard and things are building with my business and readings, which is exciting, but I am giving myself permission to be light and play, too:) I can do both. Haha! I hope you do the same!! Come play with me!!  PLEASE:)

I am thrilled to announce that Life Aromatherapy products are now in Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice. It is a world recognized studio with some of the best yoga teachers in the country. The staff and environment are wonderful and incredibly gracious. Thank you Exhale! I’m so thankful!! Come check out the studio if you’re in the area or visiting. They have classes for everyone and their studio is beautiful.

We are are also doing well selling our Chakra Sprays at Mystic Journey Bookstore. It’s a special store in Venice where you can literally spend hours reading and perusing through all their delightful items. I do readings there every Wednesday and am so happy to be part of the energy there and what they are doing. Thank you Mystic Journey!!

So, back to YOU! I want to support some friends in this blog. I believe in these people and want you to know about them, too!

Photography: Chris McPherson, Ben Zorensky, Jack Goldfarb

Tracy Chicos

Art: Tracey Chikos (keep an eye out for her! LOVE her work!), Marcella Kroll, Emily Klein, Lisa Goldfarb (also, fabulous artists and ladies!!) Tom Tuberty

Yoga Studios: Urban Yoga Phoenix, Bikram Yoga Tempe, Exhale

Home Design: 27 Ground

Estheticians: Kiki Estique, Shannon Thorpe

Fitness: Elise Gulan-Molinelli

Jewelry: Tag it Green, Lovenailtree, akawelle.com

Clothing/Accessories: Peacelovelife tees, Flashpants, Lululemon, Planet Blue, Life Awareness Tees!

Favorite Chai: Bridgit’s Chai (Trying to find her website. I love this woman and her chai!! She sells to local coffee places in Los Angeles…delish!!)

Graphic Design: Redhead Design

Cool Conscious Bags: apolisactivism.com

Counseling: Heidi Sonntag, Courtney Long (both in Arizona) – for those interested in Heidi’s services, email me and I’ll give you her information. She’s wonderful!

Intuitive Guidance: Yours Truly:) – In case you need a little more support:)

Now, you know what is next, don’t you?? Ahhem…music! Remember?

I’m featuring this band because they are delightful and I am seeing them this month, so I am especially excited and want to share them with all of you! Stars is their name and their instrumentals and voices transport you to another place. I’m posting one of my favorite songs that is more fun and lively (like the energy of this month). Check it out: Stars – Midnight Coward

Please allow yourself the space to love, learn, grow, grieve and be joy-filled. Be whatever, whomever you need to be in the moment. As you know, I have your back and am supporting you, always:)

That is it my friends. Get out there and have some fun. Visit me and we’ll have LOTS of fun. Promise:) Mwah! xoxoxo

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