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"Take me home; Country roads To the place I belong.”

John Denver

John Denver

When I think about the holidays, I immediately anticipate the time I’ll spend with my family and friends. Woo hoo (!!); juxtaposition to these thoughts is a vision of seeing my dad sitting on the back patio, singing along to John Denver with an endearing look of joy and contentment…and it delights me to no end.

In the past 20 sum years or more, I do not recall a time when he hasn’t played John Denver on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. If you want to see someone “light up;” you should see my dad in front of a computer watching John Denver videos:) It’s pretty adorable. If there was ever a man crush that went down in the Guinness Book of World records, it is this one. Ha! Fortunately, my mom can handle it;)

I will admit, I gush over hundreds of artists, and probably have the same look of utter bliss on my face when listening to them, but to see how happy “JD” makes my dad…well, there really isn’t anything like it. What brings me joy is seeing him in that space of pure delight. That is what I look forward to and receive the most pleasure from; seeing my loved ones happy; seeing people happy. And beyond this, nothing makes me happier than being home.

I was thinking of all of this, this morning while listening to Ray LaMontagne (my John Denver:)).While listening the song “Old Before Your Time,” I had this overwhelming desire to be in the pines, barefoot, soaking up nature. Next thing you know, I’m barefoot in my kitchen, making homemade berry preserves at 8am, swaying as I stir the preserves and in my thoughts picturing myself in a cabin, with a fire, music in the background, the smell of the Ponderosa’s in the cool air. Umm, yeah, wonderful (!) until I realized that it was probably not the BEST time to be doing this as I had to be out the door at 8:30am!!! Gave myself 15 min to shower, dress and scoot. Whoopsie!! It was worth it.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want us all to appreciate the simple things in life; the beauty of family and friends; the delight of music and the light it can evoke in us; the glory of nature and what it provides. The basic things that ground us and make us feel good.

So, this Holiday, give yourself the break you need, the nurturing, the little gifts that make you feel good. Please do the same for your family and friends. Let them know how much you appreciate them and do small things to make them feel good.

I’m looking forward to sitting on the patio with my “Papa” and family; under the stars, next to a fire with JD in the background. Maybe I’ll sneak my man in, too (RLM).

Wanna take a listen to some “root’ music. Check out Ray’s latest album. Every time I take a listen, I seriously long to be in the mountains. God Willin’ & The Creeks Don’t Rise

Another artist that brings me back home is: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Song “Home”

Now back to business….Ha!

Wanna smell some clean fresh air??? Use the Clarifying Room Spray from Life!! This formula combines a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary…perfect for this time of year!! Ummhmm…

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Please enjoy yourself and your loved ones this Holiday Season. My wish is that you are all blissfully happy, always and that all that you hold in your heart comes true for you.

Enjoy this time. Rest. Rejuvenate and get ready for the New Year. It’s gonna be a good one (hold on to your hats!!).

Much love,

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