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Welcome to January! Is it me or is time flying, already? Things are manifesting like crazy; it is almost surreal. I’m diggin’ it. Are you?

I have a story for you (don’t I always. Ha!) I have a new friend…

His name is “P.”

You see, “P” is not someone new to my life; he is actually an ex boyfriend. Yes, it is true. Shocking news!!

But, “P” is now one of my closest friends and even though we are still crazy about each other; we’ve decided that being friends is the better path for us to take. We still see each other, talk and share our lives with each other; but it is a different relationship. Some days being “friends” can be challenging, but the joy of having each other in our lives outweighs a little heartache for us both every now and then.
I’m sharing this because this is a new experience for me and I thought it might help some of you out there when it comes to honoring your heart and making choices that not only serve you but support the other person. Making these choices takes a lot of maturity, awareness, compassion and confidence.

You see, most of my relationships have ended somewhat abruptly. I usually have to sever contact after a break-up to allow for healing and space. Because I feel so deeply, having contact with my ex’s initially caused confusion and made the healing process longer and a little harder. So, as a result, I decided at some point with each of them to limit or sever contact. Most them didn’t like this solution (sorry!!), but I felt it was necessary and it wasn’t forever;)

I can say that I have the fortune to be close friends with my ex’s (there’s only a couple:)), but it did take some time to reconnect and form a new relationship. I am grateful that I still have these men in my life. I feel still having them as close friends says a lot about our appreciation for each other and the gratitude we have for the experience we shared.

The relationship transition with “P” happened over a period of weeks, which is pretty fast, but what I noticed in that time was that I was that my love and appreciation for him grew, and with this feeling, I had the realization that I made the right decision and that we would be great friends and have fun supporting each other in a different way.

man and woman fighting

You see, sometimes when things don’t work out in a relationship or the timing isn’t right, we get angry, lash out and try to hurt the other person. Sometimes we give away our power do things to manipulate the other person (not always intentional) to get what we want. And sometimes we shut off; walk away as if we never even knew the person. Now, these are all very real situations (break-ups can be messy!); however, there are many people that end a relationship with love and choose to be friends, part ways, in a graceful way. I admire these types of people and think it’s beautiful that they end their experience with the person this way.

I’ve may or may not have done one or two of the above. Haha! 

As much as it’s hard to leave a relationship sometimes, I do believe that intuitively, we know when something is not right/working or when the timing isn’t aligned . Sometimes we ignore the nudges, signs or what is evident, but I believe this serves a purpose, as well.We’re not meant to know everything right away…that would inhibit the experience, the magic in discovery and the FUN!

I believe that when you feel a magnetic pull or energy with someone, it means that the relationship is not over. If there is no energy or pull between you and the other person, then usually, the learning and growth in the relationship has manifested and you form a new kind of relationship.

Every relationship in our lives serves a purpose and romantic relationships can foster some enormous personal growth for both individuals. There are blessings and light in all relationships in our lives. Even negative experiences teach us something and that something may be about what we don’t like and want.
I met “P” at the perfect time in my life and I think “P” would say that I entered his life at the perfect time, too:) We create smoke and fire when were together as a couple, but as friends, well, we’re creating only a mere steam…haha! Right, “P?” 

So, loving can be beautiful, painful, fun, passionate, frustrating…but it is all good for us. I’d rather love and take risks in love, rather than chose to protect myself from fully experiencing a person or situation. The first is so much more rewarding:)

Now about 20111.I’m telling you. Anything that didn’t work for you in 2010 is gonna clear out of your life like a tornado if it hasn’t already (I have a feeling it has for most of you). THIS IS THE YEAR for major growth and dreams coming to fruition. Anything you took a chance on in 2010 will pay off big time this year. I’m seeing it in my life with my business, readings and personal life…and it is just the beginning. EXCITING!!
Be conscious where and with whom you devote your energy. If you want your goals to manifest, focus on them. I am confident that with focused intention in the next month or two, you’ll see how quickly things happen. Really, I mean it!!

To help you clear and prepare your energy for this year, use my 7thChakra Spray (Light). And to bring in the new energy and manifestations, use my 4th, 5th or 6thChakra Sprays (Love, Truth and Connection). They DO work!!! Another promise! Haha!
“And cut!!”

Let’s please now talk about music!!!

I am so in love with this band!! I’m sure many of you already know them, but because this is going to be a year of awesomeness, I had to feature them. They make me so incredibly happy:

The Black Keys! Here are two of my favorite songs You’re the One and Everlasting Light. Take a listen and you’ll fall in love, too!

Another band that I’m obsessed with (also, one that many of you are probably aware of) is: Bon Iver. Words cannot convey my love; oh my love, for this artist. Check out Skinny Love and The Wolves (Act 1 & 2). I wanna live in their world. Will you lemme, please??

One last recommendation. This one is for “P.” 

Pixies Here Comes Your Man and

The Virgins Fernando Pando.

So, that is all my friends. Things are going well and I can genuinely say that I am happy and am excited about all that is happening. I knew I came out to LA for a reason and now I’m starting to see the purpose, but I know that more has yet to be revealed….of course, you’ll be the first to hear about it;)

And a thank you to “P” for being who you are and what you are to me:)

LOVE to you all!! Let’s make it a special year!!


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