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May I sit at your table
May I bathe in your light
May I take in the splendor
Of this fine night
May I look at your children
And witness all that
You hold dear
And be delighted because
You are happy
May I be in this beauty
And feel this way forever
May I love like you have
May I ask for this treasure
Carrie Keller


Oh February – how you come and go so quickly!

Where have all of you been? I have missed you!!

This has turned into, yet again, a busy month. I feel this is my life for the next while, so I’m trying to savor each day and keep balance. I find myself sleeping more these days which I know means I’m juggling too much. Uh oh…think I need some help. Ha!

I’m not joking. 

The energy “out there” has been so interesting lately. I realize Mercury is in retrograde, but my goodness, is it taking a lot of energy to just get everything done! I’ve been hearing this from other people, too (!), so I know a shift is happening. And as much as I joke about being sluggish and wanting to sleep and rest, I know how sensitive I am to energy and when my body feels this way, I have to honor it. There’s nothing wrong with getting 12 hours of sleep, right?? Ha! Yikes!

little girl sleeping

So, I felt I had to acknowledge the “energy” out there before I dive into the other stuff. The full moon two weeks ago was a doozy and those individuals that are sensitive most likely felt it BIG TIME. I sure did!! Whew! And it lasted two weeks!!!

These energetic shifts stir things up and clear out what’s not serving us. It is for a higher purpose… even if it’s not fun when you’re experiencing the energy. The sluggish energy right now is also preparing many of us for some highly energized activity starting after the 11th. I’m not an Astrologist (really know so little about it all), but my intuition and guidance is telling me that there is some fast energy up ahead. It’s beyond “manifestation” energy. It is “actualized” energy. Things are just gonna happen, period! It will be interesting to see what happens. Share your stories with me please!!!

So, more about February! I realize this month holds Valentine’s DayJ (Ummhmm). I’ve mentioned in years past that the thought of Valentine’s Day kind of suffocates me. Ha! ( I admit, I’m a weirdo). I just don’t like anything that is over commercialized; I think it takes away from the specialness of demonstrating and sharing love and adoration; and the reality is, I just think we should celebrate the people we love every day. However, sometimes we need a reason show our affection and Valentine’s Day offers that window, eh? So take advantage of it people!! Go all out!! Haha!

Now, I say all of this with a sense of humor (and truth), but I feel like a hypocrite because I am a hopeless romantic! I’m such a sucker for sweet gifts, tokens of affections, grand gestures. I have definitely watched the Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, Something’s Gotta Give and Notting Hill way too many timesJ I believe in love over everything and seem to love everyone. Ha! Hell, I created a LOVE chakra spray so that people could get wrapped up in the essence of love. Haha!I just want us all to appreciate and show it more often…I know many of you do, but this is a little reminder for those of you that forget every now and again:) It is easy to take loved ones for granted thinking that they just know that we love and appreciate them. Some sweet gestures and pressies now and then can’t hurt and I bet it will make those you love feel really special and valued.

Now, I personally think handpicked flowers, a love note, a home cooked dinner with yummy wine, or a mix CD are some of the best gestures/pressies, but here are some other sites & stores I love:

Favorite love songs:

This message is a bit short – but as I mentioned…I’ve been a sleepy little girl, lately;) More exciting news to come. Promise!!
Enjoy lovers, sweet ones, mi amores…I am sharing all my love with you this month and always.


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