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Wow! This month has been fast moving. How are you all feeling??

I have to say that I’m feeling better than ever and have finally settled in to my new home after 10 months…a new home that just last Friday, was to experience the consequence of a tsunami! An area prone to earth quakes, mud slides, wild fires, flooding… a cacophony of natural disasters, and it is my new home; vulnerabilities and all.

I cannot continue this post without acknowledging the situation in Japan. The devastation. Loss. Suffering. It breaks my heart and like many, I feel helpless and can only offer my deepest empathy for their situation, financial support to those aid organizations that are helping and my ever constant prayers.

Haiti is still recovering; Egypt, Libya and Tunisia are in uproar…so many people in areas of Africa, India, and Asia need help; and in the face of natural disasters and horrific abuse of their rulers – these areas have suffered and continue to suffer beyond comprehension. It makes me question so many things. Why all the suffering? Why so many?

On a spiritual level I do understand why many of us have to endure loss and circumstances that allow for growth and healing, but when there are thousands of people in dire circumstances I have to admit that I question these things, but my faith in higher workings is so much stronger…I can only trust that there is something more at hand and maybe that is to bring us all together as a World United to aid, support and through the awareness of the situation, appreciate all the good and blessings in life in a way that isn’t possible without these overtly severe situations.

I sat in the airport today, observing all the people as I often do, silently praying that they get to their loved ones safely. I prayed that I, too, would get to where I need to go safely and connect with those I love. But, in my heart as I said goodbye to my dad who took me to the airport; and when I purchased my tea; and in my interaction with friends while waiting for my plane; and on my drive to the office: I kept affirming. I AM SO LUCKY. I AM SO LUCKY. I AM SO LUCKY!

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel sincere gratitude for my circumstance. I know at any instant everything in my life can change. There is nothing and no-one I take for granted. And, I’m not ignoring my own personal suffering that I’ve experienced in my life– I have had my share of experiences – but I have not experienced anything remotely close to a situation like those in Japan and the other areas mentioned. I cannot imagine. I wish, like many of you, that there was something more I could do to help:( So, to contribute right now in the way that I can, I am contributing 30% of my gross sales on all Life Aromatherapy products purchased up until the end of March. The contributions will be going to the IRC and Red Cross. Life Aromatherapy currently contributes a percentage of gross profits on all Life Aromatherapy products to the IRC and other aid organizations, but I feel this month, it is important to do at least a little something more. Individually, we can make big difference. Collectively, we can make an remarkable difference.

So, sorry to start this post in such a somber way, but again, I felt I had to say something.

Keeping things in perspective, I have to also acknowledge the energy and activity of this month and encourage you all to get out there with your manifestations!!

This is a powerful month and I literally feel as though I’ve been sucker-punched! Totally and utterly caught off guard, on my game and knocked off it – holy moly!! Now, this feeling is delightful, curious and well, a bit intense! I’m finding that my sensitivity to others is increasing, which is wonderful, but has caught me off guard more than ever in my life. So, I’m finding this month, these experiences to be especially intriguing. Sucker-punched. Yep. I’ve been sucker-punched.

I’ve been sucker-kissed, too…but that’s another story. Ha ha! Just kidding;) Actually, my friends little girl sucker-kissed me smack on the lips and she was the most delightful little thing…I didn’t mind a bit:)

The activity of March will swoop through quickly. That is why I’m sending this message at this time. If you want to ride on the magic carpet, GET ON!It’s leaving in about 2 seconds — it’s that quick. Anything and everything you want to bring into your life, put it on paper and affirm you have it. “Act as if!” Now IS the time!

magic carpet

I’ve been sitting, waiting, hoping and praying for my heartfelt wishes to come true, all the while being tornado-ed by a slew of opportunities that I never considered. It’s a magical time and I’m keeping perspective and hoping through the whirlwind of energy, my deepest dreams surface. Of course, I will keep you posted (wink, wink). But, this month there is this feeling of confidence that I haven’t experience for some time. Magic is everywhere and I’m gonna be sucker-punched, again. I just know it! And I’m aware that I won’t be ready for it and I like that:)

Music PLEASE!! Okay, okay. I have to say that I’ve been such a baby lately, whining that I won’t be seeing the Black Keys in Phoenix next month. I’m still not over it, and to be frank, I’m not going to GET over it. They’re fabulous and every fiber of my being comes alive when I listen to their music. So, Ragnar Race, you better be worth it or I’m gonna SUCKER-PUNCH YOU! Ha Ha!

My wish for all of you is to love beyond your idea of love and to not take one second for granted. Let the fears go. Let the ego go. Let go and LIVE. Why wait? It’s silly, really and the fears don’t serve you anyway. Just sayin’.

Many prayers, blessings, wishes and love to all…everyone as far as I can reach.


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