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There is a famous wire walker called Philippe Petite. In 1974 Petite walked on a wire strung between what were the World Trade buildings. Not once, but an accounted 6-8 times that day. Only a couple close accomplices assisted him with the set up and filming of this illegal and unfathomable feat. To this day when I picture this man on a wire strung between two buildings, at a height of 1,368 ft., it makes me sick to my stomach. Knowing that these buildings are now gone and so many lives with them, evokes a whole other level of emotion that I cannot even articulate.

In our world’s history, there are countless accounts of these wire walkers that risk their lives for the love of their craft. For some of them, it’s all they’ve known. I’m not sure that the risk of losing their life is on the forefront of their minds…I think their art (and I’m sure pride for some) takes over any thoughts of falling. Some of these wire walkers began walking as early as the age of 5; like Jean Francois Gravelot, the “Great Blondin” who in his lifetime walked across the gorge below Niagara Falls – his wire, 1100 feet (335 m) long, 3¼ inches in diameter, 160 feet (50 m) above the water. Insane!

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These wire walkers have walked on tight ropes all over the world, the greatest heights and have set multiple world records. Some would say that they are completely fearless. Some would say they are crazy and reckless. I am wholeheartedly intrigued by their fearlessness or possibly, their delirium.

While watching a documentary about Philippe Petite a few years back my stomach turned as I saw the heights and distance he would walk on this tiny, narrow rope made of wire…all for the love of something he had known his whole life. The wire was an extension of him.

I had a conversation with a close friend the other day and she recounted her adventures on a recent trip. These adventures required that she sign a release form that stated “we are not responsible for death or injury.” GULP! She was signing up for a deep sea cave diving adventure. GULP, again! She dove in caves so narrow that they had to measure the circumference of her body to make sure she could get through the cave!! And she’s tiny!! Hearing her story and reflecting on the stores about wire walkers made me think? How is it that some people can be incredibly fearless when it comes to risking their lives, but when it comes to risking their hearts and being vulnerable with others they become paralyzed with fear?

I have no problem being vulnerable and falling in love and loving, but put me up on a wire and make me dive into an underwater cave… HELL NO!! I’d pass out before we even get there. Ha ha!

I want to dedicate this month to all those fearless people out there and encourage us all to stretch our boundaries and take some (non-life endangering) risks. I think it is healthy to have a bit of fear. Sometimes, we have every reason to be cautious;but, there are times when our fears can cripple us and block us from having an experience and expanding ourselves. Sometimes people stay in relationships, jobs, and a location for years out of fear of the unknown. Sometimes people are so afraid to tell the truth and share their honest feelings that is literally makes them sick or evokes some sort of physical reaction.

A rational amount of fear as I mentioned is healthy, I believe. But when fears cripple us from living, sharing, experiencing…well, we need to investigate. When I encounter people like Phillipe, who are so full of conviction with what they love, and are fearless as a result, I literally rejoice in my heart. These people inspire me and motivate me to do the same….and as a result, I transfer that energy to you all.

If we can, day by day, inch by inch, whittle away at our fears we may experience freedom like we’ve never known and life in a way that is beyond explanation. When we can be completely vulnerable and fearless in all our relationships; wow, we will experience a depth of love like no other.

So, let’s face our fears this month. Whatcha think about that? Now, I don’t think I’ll be wire walking, skydiving or rapelling anytime in this lifetime, but I’m sure I can think of some other things I can work onJ Can you???

To help you all muster some courage, how about using my 5th Chakra Spray – Truth.The oils in this particular blend help to evoke communication from the heart (anything from the heart is trueJ). This center, the throat chakra is the gateway to processing and releasing the energy of the lower chakras. It’s powerful spray!

I love the learning that life offers us. If we can look at life that way – as a learning experience, maybe we will play more, reveal more and love more. Just sayin’.

I love you all and I’m not afraid to say it  xoxo


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