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Happy belated Independence Day! I cannot believe it’s July already and that I’m just sending this message. I completely missed June. Oh, well. I believe timing is everything, so I hope this message meets you at the perfect moment.  Here we go!

So, I have a question for you: Have you ever told someone you’re close with something that meant a lot to you; a dream, or an aspiration and heard these words? “How are you going to do that?? You can’t do that! What about…?”

Yeah, doubt. Fears. Other peoples stuff and limited thinking. They can crush your dreams, but only if you let them! 

This message is more about YOU than them. You see, I believe if we have confidence in ourselves and trust our visions, that energy can carry us far (so far!) and can ultimately manifest our dreams.

There will always be friends, family members and outside influences that will attempt to sabotage our dreams if we let them. Many people cannot see past their limited thinking. If you grew up in a home with parents that reinforced all the things that you didn’t do well – jeez, don’t you think you’re going to get triggered a bit when someone questions your ideas? If you were told that “You can’t to do that! How can you afford to do that? Do you think I’m going to support you?” Don’t you think those words are going to have some effect on you? Maybe a little?


Umm, yeah, some of us grew up in homes where these types of fears and limited views were flying at us from all directions and those words can leave an imprint. Even if you grew up in a home that was supportive, loving and encouraging — stuff still comes up. We are all flawed to some degree, yet, perfect in that. If we didn’t have to learn and work at things, how could we truly appreciate the value of the gifts that come with learning?

To know ultimate faith and trust in one self can take time and experience, but I believe when we learn it and follow our passions and convictions, we become invincible. There is no limit to what we are capable of creating.

I share this because I often have to hear my own advice. I’m fortunate to have a remarkable support team, but it is also my belief in myself, my visions, faith and conviction that have helped to manifest my dream of supporting people through my product line, readings, yoga and inspirational items. I chose long ago to only listen to words of advice from people I respected and trusted, and more importantly, to trust my own advice and feelings. I’m glad I did, because I get to interact and share with all of you and it makes my heart incredibly happy. 

So, the message here is to trust yourself and follow your own guidance. We have to ultimately be our own cheerleaders. Once we have inner faith and a level of pure confidence in our abilities, we become limitless.
The other night I saw a story around Billionaires and how they made their fortunes; Ted Turner being one of them. All of them had “stuff” and were told as children that they would amount to nothing. They could have chosen to believe what they heard as children, but instead, chose to reach a level of success that many cannot even fathom.

One of my hero’s, Anita Roddick, created The Body Shop. She was fortunate to come from a supportive family and was positively influenced in her up bringing. She started her business out of conviction and a need to support her husband and two children. They were struggling when she decided to open a store. He was going to go away for a year and they needed the money. She could barely afford the inventory and rent for her store, but she had a vision and was full of fire (and light) and she went with it. When she died a few years back, she was worth a half billion dollars. Not a billionaire, but close! She was an Activist and supported Social, Environmental and Humanitarian causes. She often questioned how she and her family were going to survive, but she kept going, kept the faith and wow did she leave an imprint and legacy.
If you won’t be your own cheerleader, then let me be yours in the meantime. If someone tells you that you can’t do something, smile inside and say “Oh, hell yesss I can.” (as long as it’s legal and moral, please!! Ha!).

Here is a little music for inspiration!

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That is all. I promise that I’m not going to be such a stranger. Thank you for the love and support. Now get out there and do your thing!

Much love, always.

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