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I’ve been cocooning the last 3 weeks. My dad left me a message this morning saying that he’s worried about me and that possibly I made the wrong decision in moving to LA. Huh?? Not the message I really wanted to hear, but behind his words was his genuine love and care for me. It’s not easy for he and my mom, either. Me being away from so many of the people I love is incredibly difficult. I do have days when I wish I was back in Arizona where everything is safe, nice and easy for me. Don’t we all want those things? Safety, security and to be surrounded by those people we love? Those are the same things I seek here in CA and is probably why some days I’m a little bit off or emotional. I have so much to be grateful for here, but not seeing the people I love back in AZ on a regular basis weighs on my heart.

Talking on the phone, Skyping and emailing is wonderful, but it’s not the same as being able to pop over to my mom and dads or a friend’s house and give them a big squeeze. It’s just not the same, and so, I have to just cope and deal with my emotions when they come up and continue to listen to my inner guidance which tells me that I’m in the right place for now. There is no question about it. So, sorry dad…you just have to let me cry and miss you and everyone else and know that I AM okay. I just love you all THAT much.

I’ve been reflecting on my experience here in CA and for the little over a year that I’ve been here, I think I’ve accomplished a lot. In that time I’ve made some incredible friends, found an amazing job to help support me and building my line, expanded my Life Aromatherapy line into 4 of the most recognized stores/yoga studios in the area, increased my readings, had a beautiful relationship with someone I’m still very close to, maintained my relationships and work in Arizona, grieved being away from everyone, healed and grieved some more (thus the cocooning).

I’m sharing this message because I think it’s important for all of us to understand that there are times in our life when we just have to surrender and give ourselves a break. I’m constantly preaching about “‘letting go” and “not forcing things” and I genuinely heed my advice. However, lately I realized that my convictions and devotion to the work I do has taken a bit of a toll on me. I realized that it is innate within me to strive to do the best that I can at anything. So, working full-time, I give all my energy to that. That is a priority and a responsibility I take seriously and I do the same with my product line, readings and yoga. I’ve been doing it all, balancing it all, but I need a break. I need nurturing and I need to cocoon. We need to listen to our bodies, trust that we are supported in all that we do, and let go and rest when necessary. That’s what I’m doing. I hope you give yourself permission to do the same when you need to.

To add a little lightness to this message. My sister sent me a jibjab card. If you’re not familiar with this on-line ecard source, check them out. HILARIOUS!! The best gift ever! www.jibjab.com

I am sending love. Nap time.

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